Lucas Chimello Simões

In August of 1997 I was approached by Lucas Simões via email to see if I could help him spread knowledge of his art beyond his native Brazil. It seemed a worthwhile and interesting endeavour so I agreed to help him set up a web site in the hopes of attracting for him some international attention. If you are interested as a fellow artist, an art critic, a gallery-owner, a prospective purchaser of his works or an appreciative viewer please email him to express that interest.

Recently I have worked with Lucas to add another phase to this site. It documents a solo exhibition that he had in the fall of 1997. As you will see the show called "Human Behaviour" [in English translation] was a large undertaking. I hope you will enjoy our re-creation of it here when you follow the "Human Behaviour" link near the bottom of this page.

Paul Brown


What I want to show to the world is that we all are free. That's why my work is abstract - I don't want to be imprisoned by real forms. Painting is my escape from the real world. The real isn't free. All of us know that it's almost impossible to be free in the real world. When I sit in fromt of a canvas of mine I really "travel". I don't want anyone to judge my work. I want people to feel my work. I don't want words to express things; I want faces; I want acts. I want to feel how hot people are because it's not normal at all to see people with warm hearts nowadays - maybe because they fear something. I want no fear, no sarcasms, no prison, only freedom to love, to laugh, to live... That's what I mean.


When I was 7 years old I started my first painting course [in oil]. I didn't like it very much. It was classical and my teacher was very boring. So I quit in two months. After a long time, when I was 13, I started another course with a German teacher. She was my best teacher. She taught me watercolour techniques in abstract style. I used to like her classes so much; but she stopped teaching; I don't know why.

After almost a year I started another course in oil; but it was comtemporary too. I quit in 4 classes because I felt that I didn't like comtemporary style and also my teacher didn't let me paint what I wanted to.

After 6 months I started another course to learn watercolour and acrilic technique. It was neither comtemporary nor modern. I quit after 4 months because my teacher didn't know what she wanted to teach. After that I didn't take any more courses.

Almost everything I know I learned by myself. I have already painted on paper, walls, canvas, wood and sculptures.

My first four exibitions I did along with those "in and out" of my painting courses. The last two ones I did by myself, with my own expression, style and courage.

Now I don't know how to classify my painting style and I don't want to. I want to be free to do whatever I want. I also don't have a preference of ink to use, I use all the kinds of ink.

Lucas Chimello Simões


"Human Behaviour"

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