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The Invitation


"Human Behaviour"

This is my invitation for the exhibition - front, inside and back. It has a long history. When the time came to print the invitations I didn't have money left. I had already used all my money [3000 $US] to pay for all the other parts of my exhibition. It's a lot of money for me because I can only save money when I sell some canvasses. I was really broke. So I asked my father to help me and pay for it. He said yes... until he saw it!

I had it designed by an advertising company belonging of some friends of mine. All those people that you see in the front of the invitation were naked. When my parents saw that they almost killed me!


I really didn't want to cover them; but I didn't want to give up my exhibition, so I covered them. I know I sold out. I hate to do that, but I'm not so strong I can stand losing all the work I had done already to prepare everything. I'm young and I still have many things to learn. I think it was a good lessen. I know it'll help me to become stronger.

The Front:

It says "Re-pensando o ser que pensa que pensa". This is hard to translate but it means something like "Re-thinking about the being that intends to think"

The Inside:

This shows the floorplan of the house where I did my exhibition and how the rooms were divided up.

The Portuguese text means something like this:

I don't know if you'll understand. Even in the original Portuguese a lot of people didn't understood.

If you click on a particular room in this image you will be taken to it.

The Back:

These are the thanks to everybody that helped me - some friends, my father and many name-brand clothes companies [like LEVIS and HUGO BOSS]