I've been dreaming. Nowadays I don't remember much about my dreams. To do this I need to rerun them several times just as I'm waking up. And normally I just don't have the time. But a while ago I made that time and these dreams are from that period. When I wrote them down for the initial version of this project I had a very curious feeling. As I searched my memory for the details it became impossible to be absolutely sure what was memory and what was new construction. Perhaps this had something to do with the dreams' original source.

I've written a little Java program and though I'm sorry for those of you who don't have Java support in your browser and thus won't be able to see the dreams, I'm only making the dreams available through the program because it does go part way to reconstructing the dreams in a form I recognize from the original. And also some people have said that the manner of presentation allows them to contribute their own mental illustrations and thus involve themselves in the experience.

So here are the dreams. As you might guess I was heavy into ceramics courses at the time of dreaming. The associations which triggered the dreams probably were...

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