Roller Chain Spares: Object Collection II
a non-web (i.e. real) project by
Paul J.R. Brown

Please Post:

As part of The NEW Gallery's Space for Space Extravaganza, (EX 120) [120 hours of continuous uninterrupted time-based performance art, March 29th through April 2nd] the multi-media and installation artist Paul Brown will performing as taxonomist-extraordinaire in his "Roller Chain Spares: Object Collection II" project. He will be sorting and cataloguing a large volume of small post-consumer objects such as buttons, cereal box prizes, paper clips, left-over puzzle pieces, screws etc. to turn this societal detritus into a collection of sociological and monetary value. See rollerChain.html for more detail.

Please help yourself out and contribute to the cause of art [modern, alternative art - if you want to be more precise]. You and I both know that there is a drawer in your kitchen containing all sorts miscellaneous objects that haven't been closely examined for years, or perhaps those objects are in a peanut butter jar on your kitchen counter, or in a coffee-can in your workshop, or in the glove-compartment of your car or perhaps they're just spread in a thin layer over your life. Now's the time to get them OUT OF YOUR LIFE FOREVER by donating them to this project. It could be that one time you decided to collect some set of inconsequential objects and now you realize that you must have been OUT OF YOUR MIND to have even started. Give them to me and POOF - THEY'RE GONE!

If you know me then you can give them to me personally or put them in the box in my office at Datap Systems; otherwise you can bring them to The NEW Gallery [516D 9th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta,Canada] before April 2nd 1999.

Object Donation

General rules:
Object suggestions:

buttons, paper clips, push pins, used stamps, thumb tacks, cereal box prizes, puzzle pieces, coins, screws, curtain rings, Barbie doll shoes and accessories, vampire teeth, beads, cherry pits (boiled), plastic flowers, Remembrance Day poppies, miniature tops, pull tabs, calculator batteries, popsicle sticks, collector cards, resistors, transistors, googlie eyes, hair pins, lego blocks, playing cards, tokens, used ticket stubs, ribbons, elastic bands, pencil stubs, springs, knitting needle gauges, door-bell push buttons, used postcards, cut-flower stem-protectors, broken jewellery, wheels from toy cars, single earrings, drink tickets you forgot to redeem, small unidentifiable plastic thingumajigs, dog hair, balloon clamps, marbles, ball-bearings, nuts and bolts, drawer knobs, hooks, weights, arc lamp rods, straps, door stops, film canisters, BNC connectors, bottle caps, milk jug tops, cupboard hardware, hinges, corks, museum entrance tags, safety pins, silica gel packets, bubble gum comics, miniature light bulbs, Popeye pipes, tape cutters, pull chains, lite-brite pegs, fuses, electrical socket protector plugs, wing nuts, computer chips, locks, keys etc., etc., etc.


Please email me via if you have further suggestions so that I may include them in the list.