Contributed Haiku

April 1999 - Dec 2005

autumn breeze
sent quivers downstream
chasing butterflies

Lilou B.
Waterford, MI

Snippets of gold thread
where dandelion thistle
sowed it's ragged edge

Pat Grantt
Kamloops, British Columbia

Thick snow. Blowing sand.
Rivulets of salt and and muck
seek sewer gratings.

Tom Trottier
Ottawa, Ontario

Empty page,
white with black text,
no ugly fat girl,
image gone,
wind blows wickedly.

djines <>

Sad shivering dog,
Raging storm goes on and on-
I watch from inside.

Penny Smith

Bent trees, dancing rain,
The sea roars around the bay,
Pen poised, work to do.

Penny Smith

Spring in this
world of
poor mutts

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