The One Year Daily Haiku Project

March 1998

Silent, smothered, white,
beauty and an aching back.

[Calgary, March 18th]
Years ago,
packed slush and debris
dammed and re-dammed
the gutter's flow.

[Calgary, March 19th]
warm sun glinting,
of unexpected pools.

[Calgary, March 20th]
Crooked rails
lead to
an uncertain destination.

[Calgary, March 21st]
This snow belongs
in the Kingston
of my youth.

[Calgary, March 22nd]
Once white snow
glistens and wizens under
the crisping sun.

[Calgary, March 23nd]
Now again
the smiling sun greets me
on my way to work.

[Calgary, March 24th]
A west-facing window -
my poor computer
can't handle the heat.

[Calgary, March 25th]
I am an outsider
by age and gender
at Herland.

[Calgary, March 26th]
Hunched over a terminal,
to the world
behind my back.

[Calgary, March 27th]
Syncing in
isn't possible
at such a pace.

[Calgary, March 28th]
Chirping in the snow
a robin
bids confidence.

[Calgary, March 29th]
Seed packets await
the gardener's
rising ardour.

[Calgary, March 30th]
Our classrooms
are breeding those
who can live in chaos.

[Calgary, March 31st]