The One Year Daily Haiku Project

April 1998

Tires softly sing
on the streets
with spring rain.

[Calgary, April 1st]
Mist, fog and cloud
to a distant horizon.

[Calgary, April 2nd]
Driving fast
through big puddles
is always
a splendid joy.

[Calgary, April 3rd]
Indoors all day
of the outside.

[Calgary, April 4th]
I'm not sure
I'm ready
to leap forward.

[Calgary, April 5th]
Grass, brown and matted,
is revealed
by the vanishing snow.

[Calgary, April 6th]
Rising early,
chirping birds,
the scent and glisten
of rain.

[Calgary, April 7th]
Enshrouded in grey,
a bloom of blue
in the west.

[Calgary, April 8th]
Striding off
to the obvious
I find myself alone.

[Calgary, April 9th]
Satisfied but drained
by days longer
than the sun's.

[Calgary, April 10th]
Winter's detritus
unrisen nature.

[Calgary, April 11th]
In unison
the choir breathes
a sigh of relief.

[Calgary, April 12th]
Unwise tulips
now find themselves

[Calgary, April 13th]
Tax time, tax time,
it rings in my head,
like a death knell.

[Calgary, April 14th]
Old friends,
old memories,
new meetings.

[Calgary, April 15th]
Grey-dawn birdsong
the frost-scraping.

[Calgary, April 16th]
Bright sun welcomes
family teams
to gardening duties.

[Calgary, April 17th]
Spring has reawoken
the bartering spirit.

[Calgary, April 18th]
That Eastertide
with Joy
was Bright"


[Calgary, April 19th]
The river ripples
ice-drifted shores--
coyote glides by.

[Calgary, April 20th]
Running or lazing,
children revel in
the spring warmth.

[Calgary, April 21st]
I pause as
hamburgers sizzle
on the dusty grill.

[Calgary, April 22nd]
Grey skies,
breath of rain,
hints of green.

[Calgary, April 23rd]
Spring rains
pool in gutters,
wash away the dust.

[Calgary, April 24th]
Tangling with
twining roses
proves painful.

[Calgary, April 25th]
Stiff muscles
remind me of
all the jobs
done yesterday.

[Calgary, April 26th]
Tickets won,
a visit
to the exotic
and unknown.

[Calgary, April 27th]
Sleeping skills
in the doing
of household chores.

[Calgary, April 28th]
Sixth-grade acting
quickly turns
Greek tragedy
to slapstick farce.

[Calgary, April 29th]
Up early, watering,
green shooting
out of the beds.

[Calgary, April 30th]