The One Year Daily Haiku Project

July 1998

It's Dominion Day;
history and western songs,
crowned by thunderstorms.

[Calgary, Jul 1st]
Server chaos reigns;
all have failed without reason.
Start again from scratch.

[Calgary, Jul 2nd]
Rains for our parade;
but spirits hardly dampened,
Ya-hoos without end.

[Calgary, Jul 3rd]
In youth or at age,
when can we really fulfil
our relationships?

[Calgary, Jul 4th]
Tasting my first wine,
in my mind images of
ancestral vintners.

[Calgary, Jul 5th]
Rain out of pattern
in morning and afternoon;
the evening is clear.

[Calgary, Jul 6th]
Twelfth Night in the park;
fun after rain-delayed start;
actors in gumboots.

[Calgary, Jul 7th]
Torrential downpour,
traditional evening fare,
sodden Stampeders.

[Calgary, Jul 8th]
Hot, damp and muggy,
thinking of cool forest glades;
too busy working.

[Calgary, Jul 9th]
Golden slanting light,
eerie under thick massed clouds;
fade to final black.

[Calgary, Jul 10th]
Mowing through wet grass,
I did not see either wasp;
rush for Benadryl.

[Red Deer Lake, Jul 11th]
Wide vistas of greens
grazed meadows, crop fields, treed plains
straight shimmering road.

[Bashaw, Jul 12th]
Stampede's all over,
heavy summer rains gone too;
bright, blazing, dry heat.

[Calgary, Jul 13th]
Days are long and hot;
every day when I come home
the grass is longer.

[Calgary, Jul 14th]
Here in the office
sweaters and jackets all round;
damn cooling system!

[Calgary, Jul 15th]
Sky clear dawn to dusk,
bright, sunny, windless and warm,
cool in the evening.

[Calgary, Jul 16th]
Hateful paperwork -
bills, statements, letters and mail;
but it must be done

[Calgary, Jul 17th]
Lazing late in bed
until the novel is done;
all else can go hang!

[Calgary, Jul 18th]
Sunny afternoon,
children and a concert band
playing in the park.

[Calgary, Jul 19th]
River-side morning,
chill breeze flutters poplar leaves,
water rushes by.

[Calgary, Jul 20th]
Red orb, tinted glow;
soft blue sky, misted green hills;
windows flashing gold.

[Calgary, Jul 21st]
tight, elegant encoding;
smiling, I decode.

[Calgary, Jul 22nd]
In Bach and Sweelinck
short, timed slices of silence
emphasize, make clear.

[Calgary, Jul 23rd]
Baking oven heat
scarcely reduced by air flow
as my car drives off.

[Calgary, Jul 24th]
Drove south - axle blew;
hiked in Okotoks instead;
ate lunch on Big Rock.

[Calgary, Jul 25nd]
Sounds of a dead heart;
thoughts of a decaying brain;
final quietude.

[Calgary, Jul 26rd]
In the reddened west,
tall grey cumulus columns
pierced by the sun's rays.

[Calgary, Jul 27th]
Sign says "no parking";
it wasn't there yesterday;
my favourite spot.

[Calgary, Jul 28th]
Fighting with firewalls
no megabytes moved at all;
copy by floppy!

[Calgary, Jul 29th]
Fractal fingers thread
like veins, rivers or lightning
across black ether.

[Calgary, Jul 30th]
It simply won't work;
does this software have a bug
or is it just me?

[Calgary, Jul 31st]