The One Year Daily Haiku Project

August 1998

Spinning endlessly,
each thread perfectly woven;
building web pages.

[Calgary, Aug 1st]
Night's coolness lingers;
dew glistens from the soft grass;
sun blaze is hours off.

[Calgary, Aug 2nd]
Red-hot metal glows,
sparks fly as the blacksmith strikes;
form changes, takes shape.

[Calgary, Aug 3rd]
Puzzled the whole day
searching, reading and testing
demm'd elusive bug!

[Calgary, Aug 4th]
A soft cool dark sky,
a pleasant riverside walk,
then sweltering heat.

[Calgary, Aug 5th]
Programming in C
after coding in Java;
almost mediaeval.

[Calgary, Aug 6th]
Will's Henry V
stirs men to death and glory;
attitude is all.

[Calgary, Aug 7th]
In endless cycles
install, test and uninstall;
bad scanner drivers!

[Calgary, Aug 8th]
Quiet Sunday morn,
tiny shards of broken glass,
van's side window gone.

[Calgary, Aug 9th]
Smoke on the night's breeze;
somewhere the world is ablaze;
here we'll cough and sneeze.

[Calgary, Aug 10th]
A quick glance, then stop;
drooping, yellowed, almost dead;
my favourite plant.

[Calgary, Aug 11th]
Circling endlessly,
gliding, stepping fluidly;
taller in wheeled boots.

[Calgary, Aug 12th]
Twilight steals day's reign,
an o'erweening hush settles;
days shorten to fall.

[Calgary, Aug 13th]
Engine stroke rhythm,
slap and splash of paddle wheel;
slowly nodding off.

[Calgary, Aug 14th]
Rain for the parched earth,
deluging down in torrents,
flooding from eavestroughs.

[Calgary, Aug 15th]
Struggle with new tools,
relearn all the old functions,
slowly gain mastery.

[Calgary, Aug 16th]
Tidy, retidy;
ever the same useless toil;
depression lowers.

[Calgary, Aug 17th]
Chilly grey morning,
joggers on riverside path,
leaves hint of autumn.

[Calgary, Aug 18th]
Document formats
decoded and converted
almost magically.

[Calgary, Aug 19th]
Magpies by the path,
gulls soar along the river,
fishers at the bridge.

[Calgary, Aug 20th]
Cool, half-lit morning,
enfolded by purple clouds;
slash of bright lightning.

[Calgary, Aug 21st]
Dickering in yards,
chatting with friends and strangers,
picking up bargains.

[Calgary, Aug 22nd]
Stark black and fine-lined,
block prints reveal a story
beyond their content.

[Calgary, Aug 23rd]
Sudden harsh honking,
ten geese skim in and settle;
fast moving water.

[Calgary, Aug 24th]
Quiet, tree-lined path,
water ripples and splashes;
exhaust fumes intrude.

[Calgary, Aug 25th]
Rashness and mischance
bring to death sad Juliet
and her Romeo.

[Calgary, Aug 26th]
Back home after work;
kids had a day of leisure;
all chores left undone.

[Calgary, Aug 27th]
In creeping traffic;
slowly dodging in and out,
seeking faster ways.

[Calgary, Aug 28th]
They laze in the shade
earning the zoo's room and board;
we pay, stand, swelter.

[Calgary, Aug 29th]
A merciless sun
draws forth a full sheen of sweat;
I long for night's cool.

[Calgary, Aug 30th]
Blending of voices;
rehearsing familiar songs,
chattering with friends.

[Calgary, Aug 31st]