The One Year Daily Haiku Project

September 1998

Two young trainee chefs
mixing and rolling meatballs,
chopping vegetables.

[Calgary, Sep 1st]
Minutes before dawn,
three tall cranes at the river,
reflecting ripples.

[Calgary, Sep 2nd]
Two brown, parched schoolyards,
a waiting schoolgirl in each;
both saying I'm late.

[Calgary, Sep 3rd]
Childhood Christmasses,
a soupçon of Sauterne wine;
can't find it today.

[Calgary, Sep 4th]
Pop rock cantata,
Phantom, Faust and Frankenstein;
Paradise re-seen.

[Calgary, Sep 5th]
Hot sun and cool grass,
thousands listen restlessly;
the orchestra plays.

[Calgary, Sep 6th]
Apples from my tree
cut and crushed to make cider;
heady aroma.

[Calgary, Sep 7th]
Lon Chaney's Phantom
seeks Christine's love - all in vain
and succumbs to death.

[Calgary, Sep 8th]
Glowing golden east,
clustering black sentinels;
night's lamps fade to dawn.

[Calgary, Sep 9th]
Dark sky, streetlights blaze;
cool evening becomes cold night;
autumn must be near.

[Calgary, Sep 10th]
Quiet, empty streets,
a crew sweeps up shattered glass,
cold, sombre morning.

[Calgary, Sep 11th]
Spruce Meadows culture -
horses jump and nations meet;
I sing Dutch, cook Dutch.

[Calgary, Sep 12th]
Dozens of young boys
wildly racing Lego cars;
girls build other things.

[Calgary, Sep 13th]
The choir regathers;
music old and new to learn;
concerts at Christmas.

[Calgary, Sep 14th]
Clear dark azure sky,
crescent moon and two bright stars
grace the glowing east.

[Calgary, Sep 15th]
Still dark - drive to work;
through my window the sun shines;
dark again - drive home.

[Calgary, Sep 16th]
Cool rainy evening,
reading voices of poets,
thirsts quenched for a while.

[Calgary, Sep 17th]
Art walk, talk and work;
chatting, comparing projects;
floating ideas.

[Calgary, Sep 18th]
Artist Trading Cards -
small projects, easily done;
reset, reboot, go!

[Calgary, Sep 19th]
Connected pictures
paths, memories and web links
nearby neurons fire.

[Calgary, Sep 20th]
Yellow autumn leaves
rustle as I briskly walk
through deserted lanes.

[Calgary, Sep 21st]
Trees in stately rows,
fountains and calm-surfaced ponds,
cream figures frozen.

[Calgary, Sep 22nd]
Our ears are learning
to hear and appreciate
new dissonances.

[Calgary, Sep 23rd]
Slow, rumbling freight cars,
oil-soaked sleepers, grey ballast,
paired rails heading west.

[Calgary, Sep 24th]
Perky clockwork girl
becomes lithe ballerina;
poise and fluid grace.

[Calgary, Sep 25th]
Great, Swell and Pedal
pipes, keys, wind-chests and blowers;
proud organ owners.

[Calgary, Sep 26th]
Wild storms and dogs howl,
white snow-streaked ice and warm homes;
Inuit music.

[Calgary, Sep 27th]
Six sublime voices
raised together in concert;
the angels listened.

[Calgary, Sep 28th]
Fingers and feet dance
interweaving complex themes;
final crashing chords.

[Calgary, Sep 29th]
Shrill chirping birdsong,
full tones dying to silence,
patterns of music.

[Calgary, Sep 30th]