The One Year Daily Haiku Project

November 1998

Busy streets glisten
wipers sweep away the rain
a quick dash inside.

[Calgary, Nov 1st]
Wet road, tires whisper
tall lamps against the black sky
snow-flurry halo.

[Calgary, Nov 2nd]
Sipping sweet red wine
like an old childhood cider
we sing tenderly.

[Calgary, Nov 3rd]
Light fixture damaged;
flowers and settings just so,
candle-lit dinner.

[Calgary, Nov 4th]
Building puzzle's sky
subtle gradations of blue
not a piece missing!

[Calgary, Nov 5th]
Joyous actors rest
excited fans cluster close
op'ning day is done.

[Rosebud, Nov 6th]
Fearful bones tower,
dinosaurs frozen in time,
slow bone-bed scraping.

[Drumheller, Nov 7th]
Unsorted papers
reproach me from the clutter,
my scratchy throat aches.

[Calgary, Nov 8th]
Celebrate a life
sweet death brings a funeral
singing in the choir.

[Calgary, Nov 9th]
She's killed two witches
and walked the yellow brick road.
Stay home? Not likely!

[Calgary, Nov 10th]
Stuffy, aching head,
I want to lie down and sleep;
supper needs making.

[Calgary, Nov 11th]
Lustful Juliet
spurns Romeo and turns boy
to chase a new love.

[Calgary, Nov 12th]
Sprinkled feeble snow
hard ice crunches underfoot
cold seeps into me.

[Calgary, Nov 13th]
Move, find, sort and box
tidy, arrange, toss or store
making space to live.

[Calgary, Nov 14th]
Freezing fog, slick roads
all movement is hushed and slow
trees redrawn in white.

[Calgary, Nov 15th]
Feathered with hoarfrost,
skeletal trees loom closer;
fog shrouded arches.

[Calgary, Nov 16th]
Piles of paperwork
each sheet demands my interest
grudgingly I bow.

[Calgary, Nov 17th]
Old Christmas carols
familiar tunes and voices
new parts to study.

[Calgary, Nov 18th]
Acres of new books
begging to be read and owned;
almost obsolete?

[Calgary, Nov 19th]
Organists long dead
old tales of them linger still
I lean close to hear.

[Calgary, Nov 20th]
White winter pauses
warm sun brings a rich reward
dancing leaves dart low.

[Calgary, Nov 21st]
Amid dry brown stalks
small ladybugs hibernate
soon cold dark winter.

[Calgary, Nov 22nd]
Distant street lights shine
across the troubled river
from dark bare-boughed trees.

[Calgary, Nov 23rd]
Red lights block my way;
each consumes a long minute
of my ebbing life.

[Calgary, Nov 24th]
Gaunt windowed buildings
tower against a grey sky;
one scrap flies upward.

[Calgary, Nov 25th]
Walking - path and bridge
passing - a runner, we smile
chattering - water.

[Calgary, Nov 26th]
Paused at a red light
soft, dreamy, restful music
peace, pleasure, a sigh.

[Calgary, Nov 27th]
An old reed organ,
a tiny pioneer church;
we sing lustily.

[Calgary, Nov 28th]
Advent church service
plainsong, anthem and carol
Christmas is coming.

[Calgary, Nov 29th]
Steady light snowfall
decorating the blackness
swirling on the road.

[Calgary, Nov 30th]