The One Year Daily Haiku Project

January 1999

Awoke late
gravelly voice

[Calgary, Jan 1st]
From the floor
a book ... opens;
green leaf.

[Calgary, Jan 2nd]
Wipers swish,
for a second or two -
a clear view.

[Calgary, Jan 3rd]
Frosted path
crisp ice sparkles
footstep rhythm.

[Calgary, Jan 4th]
Frozen tumult
crunched, driven ice
motionless river.

[Calgary, Jan 5th]
Lightless, snowy,
empty road; cornering

[Calgary, Jan 6th]
Leaden cold
rising ghost trails
black heavens.

[Calgary, Jan 7th]
Downtown late
empty sidewalks
all grey.

[Calgary, Jan 8th]
Each day
time in, time out
the same.

[Calgary, Jan 9th]
Grey skys
tainted white sward
black roads.

[Calgary, Jan 10th]
One attack,
four bowed notes;
fade to silence.

[Calgary, Jan 11th]
Misty air
small haloed moon;
blazing city.

[Calgary, Jan 12th]
Birds chatter
schoolyard kids too
busy cars.

[Calgary, Jan 13th]
Pack ice
cracked, lifted, jumbled

[Calgary, Jan 14th]
Glassy sidestreet
slipping, sliding, turning,
not stopping.

[Calgary, Jan 15th]
Still street
quiet shuttered houses
song of chirps.

[Calgary, Jan 16th]
Figures dark
roadside waiting

[Calgary, Jan 17th]
Grime, grease
exhaust-filled air
chilly walk.

[Calgary, Jan 18th]
Soft coo
flutter of wings
snowy river.

[Calgary, Jan 19th]
Snow flies
light, fluffy, thick
traffic crawls.

[Calgary, Jan 20th]
Christmas lights
in a snow-capped hedge;
faerie bower.

[Calgary, Jan 21st]
First light
new-fallen snow
rabbit path.

[Calgary, Jan 22nd]
No window
building heat and air;
network world.

[Calgary, Jan 23rd]
Smoke curls
expands rose-hued

[Calgary, Jan 24th]
Many feet
numerous treads
all directions.

[Calgary, Jan 25th]
Hunched walker
dangling briefcase
measured tread.

[Calgary, Jan 26th]
Sleeping streets
one empty space
slide in.

[Calgary, Jan 27th]
Decaying snow
icy talons receeding
dirty gravel.

[Calgary, Jan 28th]
Dusty sky
tall bare trees
long shadows.

[Calgary, Jan 29th]
Ghostly disk
black silhouettes
spine shivers.

[Calgary, Jan 30th]
Girl on a sofa
soft blue flicker
glances out.

[Calgary, Jan 31st]