The One Year Daily Haiku Project

February 1999

Tires roar
headlights rush on
fumes effuse.

[Calgary, Feb 1st]
Warm sun
trickling water
no gloves.

[Calgary, Feb 2nd]
cyclist zips past
pigeon droppings.

[Calgary, Feb 3rd]
Fall leaves
dusty and dry
shrinking snow.

[Calgary, Feb 4th]
Golden treetops
old snow - dark pines
lone runner.

[Calgary, Feb 5th]
Teacher, student:
bums on an organ bench
jostling for position.

[Calgary, Feb 6th]
Tumbled grey rocks
dusty brown grass
magpie pecking.

[Calgary, Feb 7th]
By the door
knapsack and coat-
empty chair.

[Calgary, Feb 8th]
Smooth water
flows slowly past-
rusty bridge.

[Calgary, Feb 9th]
Icy alley:
long swinging coat
pretty smile.

[Calgary, Feb 10th]
Neon colours
floors of scattered lights:
stark poplars.

[Calgary, Feb 11th]
Swirling hair
sensual caress of line
disturbed Munch.

[Calgary, Feb 12th]
Cloudless blue
water trickles, sparkles
warm sun.

[Calgary, Feb 13th]
Step away
car door swings:
locked out.

[Calgary, Feb 14th]
Vacant lot
soft slippery mud;
heavy shoes.

[Calgary, Feb 15th]
Ancient bugs
discovered by accident:
tower topples.

[Calgary, Feb 16th]
New cars
parked row on row:
frosted windows all.

[Calgary, Feb 17th]
Brilliant green
criss-crossing ferns:
fenced out.

[Calgary, Feb 18th]
Poets writing
heads down - then
waving hands.

[Calgary, Feb 19th]
Cut and carved
sticky ink, fingers
image revealed.

[Calgary, Feb 20th]
Heaped garbage
bags burst, torn:
windy day.

[Calgary, Feb 21st]
Dark west-
two bright planets
beckon quietly.

[Calgary, Feb 22nd]
River ice
melted at a curve-
ducks paddle.

[Calgary, Feb 23rd]
Each morning:
the sky a lighter shade
of blue.

[Calgary, Feb 24th]
Water shivers
over melting ice:
a whistle, a coo.

[Calgary, Feb 25th]
Bare paths:
winter's discards
new exposed.

[Calgary, Feb 26th]
Eager traders
hunched, necks bent-

[Calgary, Feb 27th]
Sunlit warmth
crowded sidewalks
café chatter.

[Calgary, Feb 28th]