The One Year Daily Haiku Project

March 1999

Brisk walk
chilled face, ears:
ice snaps.

[Calgary, Mar 1st]
Big old tree
litter of bark shards-
fender fragments.

[Calgary, Mar 2nd]
Falling snow
glows eastern gold
under the bridge.

[Calgary, Mar 3rd]
New snow
thin, soft, quiet;

[Calgary, Mar 4th]
Black vampire
powerful, yet pleading-
thrust crosses.

[Calgary, Mar 5th]
Freezing fog
distant house wraiths-
brown branches.

[Calgary, Mar 6th]
Confident voices
flexible young limbs;
acting already.

[Calgary, Mar 7th]
Frozen river
surface melted: ponds
wind ripples.

[Calgary, Mar 8th]
blazing red lights
slow white legs.

[Calgary, Mar 9th]
Blue light
reflecting from the snow-
frost crystals.

[Calgary, Mar 10th]
Three geese
honking, landing, fighting:
slippery ice.

[Calgary, Mar 11th]
Tracery of branches
light blue-grey sky-
birds atwitter.

[Calgary, Mar 12th]
men sit talking:
wives upstairs.

[Calgary, Mar 13th]
River ice
long jagged seams
water's sound.

[Calgary, Mar 14th]
Swirling water
ice... crushed, tilting;
flight of ducks.

[Calgary, Mar 15th]
Hammer strikes
string, harmonics
on and on.

[Calgary, Mar 16th]
Standing, waiting...
cameras roll, explosions
...quiet again.

[Calgary, Mar 17th]
Ice rafts break,
spin from the shore;
crush downriver.

[Calgary, Mar 18th]
Black river:
ice slabs flow by,
slip away.

[Calgary, Mar 19th]
Golden east
road dust flies:
sun blinded.

[Calgary, Mar 20th]
Warm sun
balcony rail... down
quiet streets.

[Calgary, Mar 21st]
Frost patterns
on my windshield
quickly fade.

[Calgary, Mar 22nd]
Haughty geese in pairs
strut on riverbank ice;
dispute possession.

[Calgary, Mar 23rd]
Pigeons twirl
pecking in brown grass:
dipping ducks.

[Calgary, Mar 24th]
Smooth water
reflects, sun glints:
ducks glide in.

[Calgary, Mar 25th]
Low clouds
swift cold breeze:
her streaming hair.

[Calgary, Mar 26th]
Crowded aisles
doddering oldsters-
long queues.

[Calgary, Mar 27th]
Sitting sorting,
wild electronic music:
slowly organizing.

[Calgary, Mar 28th]
Black sky
cold empty streets:
litter blows.

[Calgary, Mar 29th]
Spring thaw:
under a garden hedge
small purple glove.

[Calgary, Mar 30th]
Old stories
slow flowing Scotch-
day ends.

[Calgary, Mar 31st]