The One Year Daily Haiku Project

April 1999

Beats from the floor
rhythmic blended sounds:
knobs and sliders.

[Calgary, Apr 1st]
White ballerina
pirouettes forever:
blood spatters.

[Calgary, Apr 2nd]
Loading dock
lights, flashers on:
battery dead.

[Calgary, Apr 3rd]
Drifting snowflakes
glimpses of wooded slopes-
growing whiteness.

[Calgary, Apr 4th]
Overcast sky
wet snow melts-
robin chirps.

[Calgary, Apr 5th]
Shining dawn
reflections in the river
geese by the path.

[Calgary, Apr 6th]
Busy path
chattering walkers, skaters
honking geese.

[Calgary, Apr 7th]
Quiet streets,
rows of dark houses-
a lighted room.

[Calgary, Apr 8th]
Paired geese
gliding over the bridge
out of sight.

[Calgary, Apr 9th]
Frost stars
on my windshield:
sun sparks.

[Calgary, Apr 10th]
Contented cow
penned with straw-
petted softly.

[Calgary, Apr 11th]
Cool wind
snow flakes fly-
geese argue.

[Calgary, Apr 12th]
Scent of exhaust,
the sun shines gold:
walking shadow.

[Calgary, Apr 13th]
Dusty gravel-
through the soles
of my shoes.

[Calgary, Apr 14th]
Rusty rails
oil-soaked ties:

[Calgary, Apr 15th]
Ancient vessels
old, rusty, abandoned:
pots of clay.

[Calgary, Apr 16th]
Dusty lawn
sprinklers slow fan
glistening street.

[Calgary, Apr 17th]
Patter of rain
dark wet path
catkin shells.

[Calgary, Apr 18th]
Overcast, drizzle
chorus of bird song
fresh scents.

[Calgary, Apr 19th]
Sodden grass
dark gnarled trunks
misty, chill.

[Calgary, Apr 20th]
Melting snow:
dark pools reflect
tangled branches.

[Calgary, Apr 21st]
torn in the soft turf-
piled droppings.

[Calgary, Apr 22nd]
Rising sun:
tall, clustered buildings

[Calgary, Apr 23rd]
Sunny balcony,
wine glass to hand;
chatting friends.

[Calgary, Apr 24th]
Flash of wings
feather falls, twirling;
water rushes on.

[Calgary, Apr 25th]
Attentive choir
accompaniment starts-
pants fall.

[Calgary, Apr 26th]
High in a tree
a lone bird chatters:
grey sky.

[Calgary, Apr 27th]
Diesel roar,
transit bus zips by;
dust flies.

[Calgary, Apr 28th]
From the fog,
a hint of light green
on brown boughs.

[Calgary, Apr 29th]
River-side tangle
leaves, budding bushes:
snuffling dog.

[Calgary, Apr 30th]