The One Year Daily Haiku Project

May 1999

Quiet reading-
darting, exploding thoughts-
drifting away.

[Calgary, May 1st]
A pair of geese-
slanting golden light-
swimming slowly.

[Calgary, May 2nd]
Morning shadows
stretch across the path:
faded moon.

[Calgary, May 3rd]
Tree-lined path
sparkling dewed grass:
red-clad runner.

[Calgary, May 4th]
Birds at dawn
singing all at once-
bus on the hill.

[Calgary, May 5th]
Swift river:
a lone goose rides
the patterned waves.

[Calgary, May 6th]
Morning streets,
pink cherry blossoms-
so pale.

[Calgary, May 7th]
Giant bug
inflates to life-
play time.

[Calgary, May 8th]
Slushy paths
snow-laden branches-
a crow screeches.

[Calgary, May 9th]
Splashing, honking
cross-river chase:
fighting geese.

[Calgary, May 10th]
She smiles
eyes alight with interest-

[Calgary, May 11th]
Pattern of bricks
underneath the trees:
recent rain.

[Calgary, May 12th]
Wind blusters
scudding grey clouds
spitting rain.

[Calgary, May 13th]
Garden fence
robin flits in, perches-
falls away.

[Calgary, May 14th]
Upstairs, downstairs
putting things away
downstairs, upstairs
putting things away.

[Calgary, May 15th]
Gentle breeze
sunny parking lot
standing, chatting.

[Calgary, May 16th]
Looking back:
tree-hidden house,
cherry blossoms.

[Calgary, May 17th]
Low even sun
piled grey clouds-
sudden shower.

[Crossfield, May 18th]
Brown bones
towering over me-
awesome predator.

[Drumheller, May 19th]
Bobbing debris,
frothing storm water:
muddy river.

[Calgary, May 20th]
Slashes of rain
bead my window, torrents
in the streets.

[Calgary, May 21st]
Camp cot
canvas, crossed legs:
the last war.

[Calgary, May 22nd]
Blue sky
balloons drift slowly:
kneeling gardeners.

[Calgary, May 23rd]
Water rushes
over brown pebbles:
tree's shadow.

[Calgary, May 24th]
Dust swirls
flags flap wildly--
sunset's glow.

[Calgary, May 25th]
Shady garden
tidy red geraniums:
quiet, empty.

[Calgary, May 26th]
Two actors
pause... convulsed with
silent laughter.

[Calgary, May 27th]
Elbows on the sill--
dark, purple sky
distant lightning.

[Calgary, May 28th]
Muddy alley
potholes, puddles, ponds:
blue car - stranded.

[Calgary, May 29th]
Strong push:
clack-clacking mower
spray of grass.

[Calgary, May 30th]
Crashing waves
salty ocean spray
sandy feet.

[Miami, May 31st]