The One Year Daily Haiku Project

June 1999

Sand, sea, sky--
wet footprints
washed away.

[Miami, June 1st]
Frothing water
tosses me beachward:
salty taste.

[Miami, June 2nd]
Endless sand
tall hotels in a row--
bronzed bodies.

[Miami, June 3rd]
Curling surf
tumbling sand, fragments--
one perfect shell.

[Miami, June 4th]
Tall heron
stands in the sawgrass--
gator watches.

[Everglades Park, June 5th]
Shady walk
brown leaves fallen:
silent fountain.

[Miami, June 6th]
Warm evening
honeysuckle, lilacs--
somewhere close.

[Piscataway, June 7th]
Crossing lights
flash slowly -- sudden
diesel horn.

[Somerset, June 8th]
Wide lawn
small hooded shrine:
Mary, virgin.

[Middlesex, June 9th]
Sterile room
maid-tidied and clean--
rumpled bed.

[Somerset, June 10th]
Iron fence
headstones and crosses--
dark lawn.

[New Brunswick, June 11th]
Blazing signs
shouldering through crowds--
cars honk.

[Times Square, June 12th]
Row on row
smooth incised stones:
fresh earth.

[Somerset, June 13th]
Calm water
houses by the shore--
slow boat.

[Red Bank, June 14th]
Design duels
jockeying for position--
roles taken.

[Piscataway, June 15th]
Rolling south
weaving in and out:
exit by exit

[Holmdel, June 16th]
Airport byways
tangle and interweave--
around again!

[Newark, June 17th]
Walkers cross
observing traffic--
ignoring signs.

[New York, June 18th]
Towering lady
so high above--
slow climb.

[Liberty Island, June 19th]
Brown stubble
she gazes back:
old farmhouse.

[New York, June 20th]
Shattered windows
crumbling brick walls:
rusty ruins.

[Newark, June 21st]
Milling crowds
sit, stand and wait:
unknown words.

[Rome, June 22nd]
Blazing fire
wailing flutes and drum:
bright dancers.

[Monaco, June 23rd]
Evening market
jewellery at a stall:
a wedjat eye.

[Nice, June 24th]
Coastal road:
tunnel, bridge, tunnel...
in sequence.

[Genova, June 25th]
White sails
bent over blue water,
far below.

[Konstanz, June 26th]
Stone cross
fog-shrouded peaks
quiet rain.

[Col du Gd St Bernard, June 27th]
Sitting quietly
cup raised to lip:
papers spread.

[Nice, June 28th]
Stone blocks
fettered with wire--
still man.

[Nice, June 29th]
Scatter of lakes
bare poles and green:
decayed runways.

[Gander, June 30th]