The One Year Daily Haiku Project

July 1999

Spray and rain
useless wipers dance--
tires wander.

[Red Hill, July 1st]
Tired, we wait
for the hotel shuttle--
sticky shirt.

[Houston, July 2nd]
Silver wing...
rain clouds and mist
green patchwork.

[Calgary, July 3rd]
A quick dash
through pelting rain--
deep puddle.

[Calgary, July 4th]
Sunny stone
lazy yellow warmth--
sleepy voices.

[Calgary, July 5th]
Luggage lost,
slow prickles of sweat...
line stalls.

[Newark, July 6th]
Silent morning:
old man jogs
by the curb.

[Piscataway, July 7th
"Fine Dining"
at a smoky local bar--
too colorful.

[Piscataway, July 8th
Yellow finch
flits to a nearby branch--
beyond the glass.

[Piscataway, July 9th
Fingers glide
across my keyboard...

[Piscataway, July 10th
Empty lot
white lines on black;
sunset's rose.

[Piscataway, July 11th
Brown grass
crunches underfoot--
trees... shade.

[Piscataway, July 12th
Rows of pies
chocolate delights:
somehow... no.

[Piscataway, July 13th
Glistening white
sleeping marble girl--
almost alive.

[New York, July 14th
Enclosing trees,
moon's thin curve;
distant lights.

[Piscataway, July 15th
Jammed with cars--
dark crowded way,
slow wait.

[Toronto, July 16th
After the rain--
tumbled broken branches,
muddy pond.

[Waterloo, July 17th
A well-hit ball:
a diving outstretched arm
and cheers.

[Waterloo, July 18th
Quiet garden
lush from recent rain:
darting bluejay.

[Waterloo, July 19th
Shady bank
paths by the pond--
no one stops.

[Waterloo, July 20th
Roadside diner
bright neon and chrome:
huge plates.

[Menlo Park, July 21st
Sharp dagger
reflects the setting sun:
my hand hovers.

[Piscataway, July 22nd
Dusty concrete--
mottled-wing moth
lies still.

[Piscataway, July 23rd
Dark evening
between parked cars--
warm perfume.

[Piscataway, July 24th
Curling surf
knocks us tumbling,
laughing in the foam.

[Seaside Heights, July 25th
White mantis
warm cream stone...
immobile, praying.

[Piscataway, July 26th
Room of murals
a villa far away:
little girl watches.

[Piscataway, July 27th
Grassy park
soft shady trees--
roadkill deer.

[Franklin, July 28th
Empty hallway
endless row of doors--
bacon cooking.

[Piscataway, July 29th
Flashes, rumbles
moist air, warm...
still no rain.

[Piscataway, July 30th
Warm evening
in the dark... cicadas
buzz... buzz.

[Piscataway, July 31st