The One Year Daily Haiku Project

September 1999

As a child
still dark water...
willow leaves.

[Somerset, September 1st]
Glistening river,
standing knee-deep...
two silhouettes.

[Somerset, September 2nd]
Dark evening...
warm moist breath,
crickets' buzz.

[Piscataway, September 3rd]
Busy runways:
sitting on the tarmac,
third in line.

[Chicago, September 4th]
Bottle dropped in,
young face grins:
satisfying smash.

[Calgary, September 5th]
Spruce twigs,
dust and scent fall...
as I saw.

[Calgary, September 6th]
Planets shine
through dark branches--
rippling water.

[Calgary, September 7th]
Gate's spirals
in a sidewalk shadow--
dark garden.

[Calgary, September 8th]
River hurries by--
amid tumbled rocks,
ten small cairns.

[Calgary, September 9th]
Misty hills
water glistens on the path,

[Calgary, September 10th]
Thudding hooves:
horse shies and rider
tumbles slowly.

[Calgary, September 11th]
Glasses raised
brass band ompahs,
we sing and sway.

[Calgary, September 12th]
Yellow leaves
spread among the green--
chilly morning.

[Calgary, September 13th]
Rough bark
precarious balance--
scent of apples.

[Calgary, September 14th]
Crane swings
into the golden light:
beams rise slowly.

[Calgary, September 15th]
On the path
one dry brown leaf--
I trudge uphill.

[Calgary, September 16th]
Chaos of colours
figures, landscapes, abstracts--
assailed by words.

[Calgary, September 17th]
Bursting yellow
tall poplar tree:
shining in the sun.

[Calgary, September 18th]
Through yellow leaves
sun warmth on my face--
cool evergreens.

[Calgary, September 19th]
Walking slowly,
grey water ripples
and murmers softly.

[Calgary, September 20th]
Fisherman by the river
line snakes out and settles--
clear water.

[Calgary, September 21st]
Misty mountains
in the far distance...
almost gone.

[Calgary, September 22nd]
Yellow leaves
rush aross our path
into the darkness.

[Calgary, September 23rd]
In my headlights,
wisps of mist rise
from black streets.

[Calgary, September 24th]
Paper plate--
scraping off the last
sweet icing.

[Calgary, September 25th]
Silvery glow
behind obscuring trees--
full misty moon.

[Calgary, September 26th]
Vapour rising
from the swift dark river--
no gloves.

[Calgary, September 27th]
Sunny afternoon--
a flurry of leaves blows
from yellow trees.

[Calgary, September 28th]
Grey sky...
rare snowflakes dance
then slowly fall.

[Calgary, September 29th]
Wet snow--
footprints on the walk
glisten black.

[Calgary, September 30th]