The One Year Daily Haiku Project

October 1999

Four white swans
in tutus, arms linked--
dance as one.

[Calgary, October 1st]
Red steel and
hammer's rhythmic ring--
black flakes fall.

[Calgary, October 2nd]
Torpid river
blue reflected dawn--
dark bird darting.

[Calgary, October 3rd]
River murmurs
leaves rustle as I walk:
stars twinkle.

[Calgary, October 4th]
Lights ablaze
tall office towers--
fading moon.

[Calgary, October 5th]
From tired throats:
Luther's solemn hymn
of God's support.

[Calgary, October 6th]
Black silk rises
to fresh autumn gusts--
no panties.

[Calgary, October 7th]
Chips counted in
bright lights and smoke...
cash counted out.

[Calgary, October 8th]
Yellow leaves
loosely brush my feet--
warm sun.

[Calgary, October 9th]
Puffing steam
ancient black train:
the ground trembles.

[Calgary, October 10th]
Old iron fountain
amid shining trees...
sprays lazily.

[Calgary, October 11th]
Orion's stars
fade in the coming dawn:
bare branches.

[Calgary, October 12th]
Pathside pool
reflections... trees and sky
floating leaves.

[Calgary, October 13th]
Crumpled leaves
snow-covered and wet
litter the path.

[Calgary, October 14th]
Blackest night,
a thousand scattered stars...
rippling aurora.

[Red Deer Lake, October 15th]
Honking geese
across the wide valley...
sunset fading.

[Horse Thief Canyon, October 16th]
A curled leaf
glistens from night's rain...
black pavement.

[Calgary, October 17th]
An angler stands
in rippling sunset water
beneath the bridge.

[Calgary, October 18th]
Slowly drifting
leaves from yellow trees...
settle at my feet.

[Calgary, October 19th]
Bright leaves
fall... now, on the path
dry fragments.

[Calgary, October 20th]
Life's fortunes
carved in wandering lines...
on my hand.

[Calgary, October 21st]
Wheeling seagulls
near shallow rapids:
sudden dives.

[Calgary, October 22nd]
Leaves rustle
as I walk in the dark...
wind in the trees.

[Calgary, October 23rd]
Gusty wind
whips up a dirty cloud...
leaves tumbling.

[Calgary, October 24th]
Pretty Ally
gasping in a lover's arms...
now ashamed.

[Calgary, October 25th]
Down the dark alley--
crash and metal screech
truck's engine roar.

[Calgary, October 26th]
Across the river
gaily lighted trees--
running shadows.

[Calgary, October 27th]
Ghostly glow
through skeletal trees:
eddying waters.

[Calgary, October 28th]
In spotlight's glow
they spin, leap and fly...
such slender girls.

[Calgary, October 29th]
Headsman and monk
striding downtown streets--
we gather stares.

[Calgary, October 30th]
Snow swirls
out of the white sky...
covering leaves.

[Calgary, October 31st]