The One Year Daily Haiku Project

November 1999

In the grey dawn
long-necked geese swim--
grey water.

[Calgary, November 1st]
From a river rock
a muskrat appears, swims,
then dives... gone.

[Calgary, November 2nd]
Deep blue sky
Venus and the moon above--
city wakening.

[Calgary, November 3rd]
Frost sparkles
from grass and fallen leaves...
Christmas lights.

[Calgary, November 4th]
Each light
reflects its colour--
rushing river.

[Calgary, November 5th]
New fish dart
between the plastic fronds,

[Calgary, November 6th]
Tall crane
still against a blue sky...
drifting clouds.

[Calgary, November 7th]
Valley of lights
spread to the black sky--
onrushing cars.

[Calgary, November 8th]
Tire swings,
slides and climbing bars...
all quite still.

[Calgary, November 9th]
Shallow water
evening... standing geese
just shadows.

[Calgary, November 10th]
A red poppy
two minutes silence...
and tears.

[Calgary, November 11th]
Aching muscles
stuffy, pounding head; outside
leaves tumble.

[Calgary, November 12th]
Evening darkens
emptying damp streets--
cold wind.

[Calgary, November 13th]
White poplars
hazy mountains, sun tinted...
magpies near.

[Calgary, November 14th]
Office towers
tall against the blue sky:
arrays of lights.

[Calgary, November 15th]
Aspen woods
leaf litter, brambles--
recent rain.

[Calgary, November 16th]
Snowy garden
bent trees, bushes...
soft shapes.

[Calgary, November 17th]
Crystal patterns
in a frozen pool--
foot prints.

[Calgary, November 18th]
Clustered lights
beyond the trees - a park,
laughing voices.

[Calgary, November 19th]
Under the trees
curves in the mossy path
patterns of brick.

[Calgary, November 20th]
Birds chatter
across the frosty street;
figure in a window.

[Calgary, November 21st]
Dark street
mist shrouded moon--
shivers of cold.

[Calgary, November 22nd]
Blazing fire
carols sung softly,
aged listeners.

[Calgary, November 23rd]
Western hills
struck with rose and gold--
fading moon.

[Calgary, November 24th]
Highrise towers--
smoke plumes rise
in the black sky.

[Calgary, November 25th]
Blithe spirit
thinly veiled, seductive--

[Calgary, November 26th]
Christmas carols
reed organ and choir--
country church.

[Calgary, November 27th]
Candles alight
ancient advent carols
sweetly sung.

[Calgary, November 28th]
Rippling, sparkling
the river rushes on...
black depths.

[Calgary, November 29th]
Fishermen cast--
fast rippling river,
ice-crusted shore.

[Calgary, November 30th]