The One Year Daily Haiku Project

January 2000

Freezing mist
coats branches and their lights...
soft hazy glow.

[Calgary, January 1st]
Crisp darkness,
Venus and a crescent moon--
cold stiff car.

[Calgary, January 2nd]
From the hammock
she regards us... black hair,
parasol twirling.

[Calgary, January 3rd]
Ice rushes past;
then a crush, high ridges,
dammed flow.

[Calgary, January 4th]
On the workbench
cut, bent and welded--
black iron.

[Calgary, January 5th]
Exhaust fumes,
dirty cars and trucks...
bacon on the grill.

[Calgary, January 6th]
Bells peal
round's careful sequence--
except mine.

[Calgary, January 7th]
Almost silent
floating in the reflected sunset
we stir ripples.

[Calgary, January 8th]
Flowing slowly
black icy water reflects
city lights.

[Calgary, January 9th]
Empty garden
swept path, frosty trees
a stone urn.

[Calgary, January 10th]
Chilling air--
runner near a lamp,
clouds of breath.

[Calgary, January 11th]
We slowly kiss
her hair surrounds us--
breathing's forgotten.

[Calgary, January 12th]
Freeway lanes
swirl with powder snow:
heater struggling.

[Calgary, January 13th]
Slippery bridge
sluggish icy water...
rising mist.

[Calgary, January 14th]
Twittering birds
hidden in the trees...
stillness, cold.

[Calgary, January 15th]
Pianist plays...
from my scissors fall
shreds of paper.

[Calgary, January 16th]
Pine forest
branches laden with snow--
rabbit tracks.

[Calgary, January 17th]
Falling softly
snow on snow... glitter
by lamplight.

[Calgary, January 18th]
Tall runner--
her eyebrows and hair
frosted white.

[Calgary, January 19th]
Shadowed sphere
ethereal in silver light
among the clouds.

[Calgary, January 20th]
Christmas crèche
Joseph kneeling still,
drifted snow.

[Calgary, January 21st]
Ivory and stone,
small figures dance
in landscape old.

[Calgary, January 22nd]
A broken branch
trampled dirty snow
walker with a cane.

[Calgary, January 23rd]
Blue-gold sky,
tracery of branches
along the path.

[Calgary, January 24th]
Frozen curves
sun-smoothed... dark
rushing water.

[Calgary, January 25th]
Confusing hallways...
ahh, the dirty carpet
shows the way.

[Calgary, January 26th]
At first light
mountains, blue and mauve...
reflected in the bay.

[The Gulf of Corinth, January 27th]
Little fish
fins and tail fluttering
gasping, falling.

[Calgary, January 28th]
Circles of stone
layered up the slope--
a silent theatre.

[Ephesus, January 29th]
Massive wall
gates of black iron
drifted litter.

[Calgary, January 30th]
Down the alley
old man with a cart--
clink of bottles.

[Calgary, January 31st]