The One Year Daily Haiku Project

March 2000

Bouncing, sliding
on rutted, pot-holed ice;
spitting gravel.

[Calgary, March 1st]
Pink clouds,
blue sky; lights
twinkle on the hill.

[Calgary, March 2nd]
A descending peal...
arms and ropes rise,
then ring again.

[Calgary, March 3rd]
Chattering sparrows,
distant hum of traffic...
and a train whistle.

[Calgary, March 4th]
A single honk,
up through the trees...
yes, a goose.

[Calgary, March 5th]
Brown slush,
a pool of dirty water
... to leap.

[Calgary, March 6th]
Speeding to work;
quiet snowy street
pale lamplight.

[Calgary, March 7th]
Marked with ash;
dust floats down
over my face.

[Calgary, March 8th]
Office towers
misty in the blue dawn:
still dark.

[Calgary, March 9th]
Halted, staring,
two painted pigeons:
darkened sky.

[Calgary, March 10th]
Frosted trees,
mist fades the street,
the sky... grey.

[Calgary, March 11th]
Glistening path,
snowy trees drip...
sun's warmth.

[Calgary, March 12th]
New snowfall
so quiet, so clean
fading footsteps.

[Calgary, March 13th]
Steam rises
hot black steel,
sizzling onions.

[Calgary, March 14th]
Muddy slush
churned ruts, pooled water
dirty spray.

[Calgary, March 15th]
Her black hair,
her lively gestures,
her open smile.

[Calgary, March 16th]
Dark woods,
dead leaves and snow--

[Calgary, March 17th]
Big houses
stacked row on row--
sky grey.

[Calgary, March 18th]
Ten thousand lights
define the valley's course,
twinkling stars.

[Calgary, March 19th]
Rosy sky glow
meadow and tall spruce,
lone runner.

[Calgary, March 20th]
The crane swings
towering above; behind,
another... younger.

[Calgary, March 21st]
A white rabbit
pauses on the snowy lawn--
where's Alice?

[Calgary, March 22nd]
Soaking feet,
inch-deep slush... snow
still falling.

[Calgary, March 23rd]
Trees bare
grass dusty brown
pockets of snow.

[Calgary, March 24th]
Swirling skirts
pose of graceful arms
bells ajingle.

[Calgary, March 25th]
Quiet flute
drums in soothing rhythm,
evening garden.

[Calgary, March 26th]
Quietly, down
the tired man lies
and then... is gone.

[Calgary, March 27th]
Pale dawn,
crisp quarter moon
between the trees.

[Calgary, March 28th]
High in the tree
a hidden robin sings...
snow's melting.

[Calgary, March 29th]
Distant roar
aspens: low, tangled, brown
airplane rises.

[Montreal, March 30th]
Rose sunset
reflects from the lake
far below.

[Montreal, March 31st]