The One Year Daily Haiku Project

May 2000

New home,
new time zone,
old Jenni.

[Calgary, May 1st]
Wing tilts up
lights spin below
faster and faster.

[Montreal, May 2nd]
Grey and hazy
an old church dome
dawn sky.

[Montreal, May 3rd]
Engines roar,
we rise from the ground
enter the clouds.

[Montreal, May 4th]
Dancers (age four)
little Dutch men and women,
grandmothers smile.

[Lynden, May 5th]
As we walk by...
flowers of pink and red
lush gardens.

[Lynden, May 6th]
Across the fields
tall, snow-covered peaks
surround us.

[Abbotsford, May 7th]
Two ducks,
still water flowing--
city reflections.

[Calgary, May 8th]
Cloudy sky,
buds rimmed with pink,
grey stones.

[Calgary, May 9th]
Broken reflections
of buildings all around...
wet shoes.

[Montreal, May 10th]
Shadows on the wall
wave with the trees outside...
a darting bird.

[Montreal, May 11th]
Dead trees
rise from the waving grass,
bare skeletons.

[Brockville, May 12th]
With organ chord,
start lightly down the aisle
the bride and her husband.

[Kingston, May 13th]
Toppled gravestones
old, grey, weathered--
7 mos, 1 year.

[Kingston, May 14th]
Birds twitter;
pavement, buildings, cars--
trees... none.

[Montreal, May 15th]
Sidewalk crumbling
gravel, rubbish in the gutter
cars fly by.

[Montreal, May 16th]
Blackjack cards
smoke and flashing lights
clink of coins.

[Montreal, May 17th]
Pouring rain
crowded parking lot
rushing streams.

[Montreal, May 18th]
Fields in a pattern
long evening shadows
winding river.

[Calgary, May 19th]
Distant train
whistle, rumble of cars--
barely light.

[Calgary, May 20th]
Across the meadow,
the cart track winds
then enters the woods.

[Calgary, May 21st]
Cool river
sparkling warm sunlight
new green leaves.

[Calgary, May 22nd]
A pair of geese
their wingtips skimming
shining water.

[Calgary, May 23rd]
Small blossoms
peep over the fence
delicate, pink.

[Calgary, May 24th]
At the river's edge
eight squabbling magpies--
what's been found?

[Calgary, May 25th]
Quiet path
through the dark trees...
rain drops.

[Calgary, May 26th]
Early sunlight
gilds the valley mist...
slowly lifting.

[Calgary, May 27th]
Chirping birds
shadows ripple on the wall,
the garbage truck.

[Montreal, May 28th]
New plantings
fresh-turned earth,
scent of lilacs.

[Montreal, May 29th]
Maple leaves
dappled with bright sunlight
wave in the breeze.

[Montreal, May 30th]
Down the stairs
and up the waking alley,
her heels clicking.

[Montreal, May 31st]