The One Year Daily Haiku Project

June 2000

Still leaves
first spots of rain,
the birds hush.

[Montreal, Jun 1st]
Dark evening
home's warm windows
old scent of lilacs.

[Kingston, Jun 2nd]
A quick gesture,
and there was the boy
thirty years ago.

[Kingston, Jun 3rd]
Tall grass
wet with recent rain,
setting sun.

[Kingston, Jun 4th]
Dull grey sky
tangled flags droop
slow drizzle.

[Montreal, Jun 5th]
Building's glass
reflects grass, trees...
far-off hills.

[Montreal, Jun 6th]
For many centuries
she lay frozen in the dark,
now "Ice Maiden".

[Siberia, Jun 7th]
Pecking, pecking
seagull at a paper bag
until it's spilled.

[Montreal, Jun 8th]
Golden sun
lighting clouds and rain
fields of green.

[Calgary, Jun 9th]
A deer grazes
on the meadow far below;
dew on the grass.

[Calgary, Jun 10th]
Black raven
flies in a black sky
towards me.

[Calgary, Jun 11th]
Cool midnight
scent of honeysuckle
river's murmur.

[Calgary, Jun 12th]
A haughty goose
disputes the shady path...
ahh, his family.

[Calgary, Jun 13th]
Seething, swirling,
water shines in the sun
and geese float by.

[Calgary, Jun 14th]
Under the trees
two squirrels halt, twitch
then race again.

[Calgary, Jun 15th]
Swooping low
above the wild grasses,
the swallows fly.

[Red Deer Lake, Jun 16th]
Dried-up gullys
crumbled rocks and bone,
cactus blooms.

[Drumheller, Jun 17th]
In a sunset sky,
black massed clouds
distant rain.

[Calgary, Jun 18th]
Roadside grasses
purple heads swaying:
dark clouds.

[Calgary, Jun 19th]
Enclosing trees
hush the little street,
a robin chirps.

[Calgary, Jun 20th]
Misty hills
low golden sun,
a blade of grass.

[Calgary, Jun 21st]
On the far bank
sits a watcher such as I,
water flows.

[Calgary, Jun 22nd]
Rain patters,
grey sky reflected
in rippled ponds.

[Calgary, Jun 23rd]
From the sunny trees
a hidden magpie calls,
squirrel in the grass.

[Calgary, Jun 24th]
I turn the mower:
grass so smooth and even
or... waving wild.

[Calgary, Jun 25th]
Old dry branch,
three black squirrels--
dash away.

[Calgary, Jun 26th]
Shade by the river
half in the sun, an old man sits
smoke curls up.

[Calgary, Jun 27th]
Cloying scents
sun-dappled leaves
buzz of bees.

[Calgary, Jun 28th]
Tumbled rocks
that once were men,
murmuring river.

[Calgary, Jun 29th]
Close by the fence
the nodding wildflowers grow,
a shimmer in the trees.

[Calgary, Jun 30th]