The One Year Daily Haiku Project

July 2000

Changing scents
and bird calls on the breeze,
hot summer sun.

[Calgary, Jul 1st]
A picnic lunch
in shade with wife and child,
tractor in the field.

[Calgary, Jul 2nd]
Wind rustles
sunlight through the trees,
empty playground.

[Calgary, Jul 3rd]
Darkness deep
a flute so delicate and soft
the only sound.

[Calgary, Jul 4th]
Along the path
perfume in a sudden cloud,
but no one's there.

[Calgary, Jul 5th]
The sun glints
on water still dripping
from the eaves.

[Calgary, Jul 6th]
Two skaters
together stride for stride:
he whispers, she laughs.

[Calgary, Jul 7th]
A pattern of bells,
a rhythm of movement so smooth...
over and over again.

[Calgary, Jul 8th]
Starlings cry
last night's rain
rising sun.

[Calgary, Jul 9th]
Shining fields
dew by the roadside,
hawk glides low.

[Calgary, Jul 10th]
All in black,
her golden hair swings
as she skates away.

[Calgary, Jul 11th]
A tinkling bell,
squirrel hops lazily...
poor cat!

[Calgary, Jul 12th]
Sun's hot glare
reflects in oven heat--
toes in the stream.

[Calgary, Jul 13th]
Flushed peonies
full of sudden rain,
bend low.

[Calgary, Jul 14th]
Grass and trees
torn away and heaped,
graders rumble.

[Calgary, Jul 15th]
Leaden sky
a flag dully flaps
the crow calls.

[Calgary, Jul 16th]
Flowing river:
two stones on the bar,
one seagull.

[Calgary, Jul 17th]
Lawn and trees
sprayed in the morning sun,
golden mist.

[Calgary, Jul 18th]
Shady lane,
leaves brush my shoulder
patterns of sunlight.

[Calgary, Jul 19th]
As fair youth,
the black-haired beauty
conjures all to love.

[Calgary, Jul 20th]
Flower scents
amid the garden trees,
a rustic bench.

[Calgary, Jul 21st]
Under the bridge
a ragged vagrant sleeps,
in the cool shade.

[Calgary, Jul 22nd]
by grey shining water
a fisherman casts.

[Calgary, Jul 23rd]
Big belly
pushes his roaring mower;
leaves scatter.

[Montreal, Jul 24th]
High wing soar
turning, rocking, fluttering
the pidgeons land.

[Montreal, Jul 25th]
Music and chatter
cafes spill to the street,
loud laughter.

[Montreal, Jul 26th]
Violin at the ready
she pauses, listens, leans
and attacks!

[Montreal, Jul 27th]
A golden sunset
blazes in the western clouds--
shade your eyes.

[Calgary, Jul 28th]
Amid the trees,
cool, quiet shade
subtle greens.

[Calgary, Jul 29th]
Two lovers dead,
on their divided grave
one small stone.

[Calgary, Jul 30th]
Fiery sunset,
starlings fly and fill
the black sky.

[Calgary, Jul 31st]