The One Year Daily Haiku Project

September 2000

Evening mist
marks a little pond
beyond the trees.

[Joyceville, Sep 1st]
Gnarled old tree
touched by a gentle breath,
trembling leaves.

[Kingston, Sep 2nd]
Rocking on the line
a little yellow finch,
darts away.

[Kingston, Sep 3rd]
Spidery acacias
delicate blooms in the shade
soft grass.

[Kingston, Sep 4th]
Dark rooftops
edge the sky of gold,
smoke plumes.

[Montreal, Sep 5th]
To rich blue
the grey sky fades,
neons... all red.

[Montreal, Sep 6th]
Misted, beaded
mirror... a half-seen face
staring back.

[Montreal, Sep 7th]
Tarmac puddles
and wet metal skins... reflect
the orange light.

[Calgary, Sep 8th]
Down with the trees
make hills into plains,
the tractors at play.

[Calgary, Sep 9th]
Morning roads
grey with red tail-lights--
all converging.

[Calgary, Sep 10th]
Horizon's gold
expands to fill the sky
with radiant red.

[Calgary, Sep 11th]
Along the road
the same familiar face,
in passing - a smile.

[Calgary, Sep 12th]
Low river
caught in little pools
slow eddys.

[Calgary, Sep 13th]
Soaring hawks
golden fields waving,
autumn's chill.

[Calgary, Sep 14th]
A ripple of notes
leaning, caressing the strings
her fingers blur.

[Calgary, Sep 15th]
Her soft voice
with whispered words of love
caressed my heart.

[Calgary, Sep 16th]
Rain patters
grey clouds tumbling
river rushing.

[Calgary, Sep 17th]
Sunset fires
the golden autumn trees
and glistening leaves.

[Calgary, Sep 18th]
From the car window
the young lady backs...
opening her coat.

[Calgary, Sep 19th]
Light rain
almost snow, I'm wet
and shivering.

[Calgary, Sep 20th]
Drifting leaves
rich red fuchsia
drooping now.
[Calgary, Sep 21st]
In deep shade
snow on dark leaves,
sparks of sunlight.
[Calgary, Sep 22nd]
With ten fingers
she gestures - ten, ten!
Gets 'Hi' in return.
[Calgary, Sep 23rd]
A flurry of leaves
as each bus passes,
warm sun.
[Calgary, Sep 24th]
Long shadows
piled orange leaves
forgotten rake.
[Calgary, Sep 25th]
Crinkled leaves
under bare branches
crackle underfoot.
[Calgary, Sep 26th]
Sagging old house
paint-peeled porch, armchair
dusty street.
[Calgary, Sep 27th]
Dawn light
paints the golden trees,
blue-clouded sky.
[Calgary, Sep 28th]
Banished smokers
bask outside the door,
in the warm sun.
[Calgary, Sep 29th]
Fallen to earth
curled blackened flowers,
drying in the sun.
[Calgary, Sep 30th]