The One Year Daily Haiku Project

November 2000

Merry bones,
bright flowers, food
grave men.

[Mexico City, Nov 1st]
Music beat
swaying, heads together,
caressing hands.

[Mexico City, Nov 2nd]
Crosses, gravestones
orange petals scattered
drying, drifting.

[Mexico City, Nov 3rd]
Empty cells
barbed bands and crowns
whitened crypt.

[Puebla, Nov 4th]
Incense spreads
murmured unknown words,
a soft touch.

[Mexico City, Nov 5th]
Sun rising
white towers in the haze
distant mountains.

[Mexico City, Nov 6th]
Tall columns
grey warriors of stone
old as the hills.

[Tula Grande, Nov 7th]
Deep in the shade
old houses... white statues
among the trees.

[Mexico City, Nov 8th]
Wind ripples
on shallow pavement pools
yellow leaves.

[Montreal, Nov 9th]
Slowly raking
brown leaves, wrinkled face
leaden sky.

[Montreal, Nov 10th]
Backwards in time
layer by layer, shards...
our traces.

[Montreal, Nov 11th]
Woven threads
run deep, then reappear
as story's told.

[Montreal, Nov 12th]
Lighted windows
passed in darkened streets,
autumn's chill.

[Montreal, Nov 13th]
Winter clouds
darken rainy streets;
day seems done.

[Montreal, Nov 14th]
Deserted pool
brown leaves floating:
sudden ripples.

[Montreal, Nov 15th]
Empty beds
burlap bundled trees
gusting leaves.

[Montreal, Nov 16th]
Sweet voices
weave their complex tones,
then softly blend.

[Montreal, Nov 17th]
A gentle rose
three faces fair
with distant gaze.

[Montreal, Nov 18th]
Twisted trees
a dark and narrow path:
silent as the tomb.

[Montreal, Nov 19th]
Awoken in the night
to red flashing lights
and the smell of smoke.

[Montreal, Nov 20th]
Black pavement
a beggar, cap in hand;
swirl of snow.

[Montreal, Nov 21st]
Drifted snow
sun glints bright
glass and steel.

[Montreal, Nov 22nd]
A bitter wind
swirls dry snow
into my face.

[Montreal, Nov 23rd]
Slanting sun
wide fields of brown
a trace of snow.

[Calgary, Nov 24th]
Bright voices
and curling locks dance
in golden light.

[Calgary, Nov 25th]
Gliding swiftly
coyote in the almost dark,
returns my gaze.

[Calgary, Nov 26th]
Tall masts
rise to tinted clouds
and warning, flash.

[Calgary, Nov 27th]
Lights wander
in the black, busy sky
beacons flash.

[Calgary, Nov 28th]
Winding road,
in my roving headlights
a mist of snow.

[Calgary, Nov 29th]
White hills,
distant windows sparkle
in the rosy sun.

[Calgary, Nov 30th]