The One Year Daily Haiku Project

December 2000

Long shadows
at cold noon; walking
in the sun's warmth.

[Calgary, Dec 1st]
The pharaoh's face
in childrens' painted versions
a hundred times.

[Calgary, Dec 2nd]
Beyond the trees
a single lantern glows,
ice mist.

[Calgary, Dec 3rd]
Grey cobblestones
dirty litter tumbled
an icy wind.

[Calgary, Dec 4th]
With horrid notes
and twisted prideful grin
she dinned our ears.

[Calgary, Dec 5th]
A beauty, she
in black stone broken,
still serene.

[Calgary, Dec 6th]
Shaggy horses
roam a snowy field,
crooked branches.

[Calgary, Dec 7th]
Snow squalls
faded grey branches,
two magpies.

[Calgary, Dec 8th]
Strutting, fretting
missing offstage action,
they chatter on.

[Calgary, Dec 9th]
With trembling voice
he reads the gravestone's name,
then silent stands.

[Calgary, Dec 10th]
Vapour rising
about the icy bridge
rushing river.

[Calgary, Dec 11th]
Crunching snow
dark crooked trees
misted moon.

[Calgary, Dec 12th]
Clouds of smoke
golden in the rising sun
vanish in the sky.

[Calgary, Dec 13th]
Snow spirals
from graceful white drifts,
howling wind.

[Calgary, Dec 14th]
Winding road
stubble fields of snow
bright in the sun.

[Calgary, Dec 15th]
Excited chatter
carols softly played
clink of glasses.

[Calgary, Dec 16th]
Softer and softer
the choir's voice fades,
final silence.

[Calgary, Dec 17th]
Snow, moonlight
trees swaying, whistling
barking, coyotes.

[Calgary, Dec 18th]
Tracks in the lobby
muddy footprints in the lift
wet under my desk.

[Calgary, Dec 19th]
Hillsides mapped
by orange argon glow
and speeding cars.

[Calgary, Dec 20th]
Beyond the fields
along the line of hills
a glow of rose.

[Calgary, Dec 21st]
Swirling fog
marks the river's path,
snow-laden trees.

[Calgary, Dec 22nd]
Christmas lights
bright trees and decorations
crowds of shoppers.

[Calgary, Dec 23rd]
Tear-stained face,
she raps on the door to ask--
"Is there a Santa?"

[Calgary, Dec 24th]
One thin line
among the valley's lights
carries cars away.

[Calgary, Dec 25th]
Black sky
snow flakes floating
tire trails.

[Calgary, Dec 26th]
Thick snow
coats the trees and lawn
bright in the sun.

[Calgary, Dec 27th]
Soft snow
trickles from a high branch,

[Calgary, Dec 28th]
Shovelled path,
snowy bushes sparkling
water beads.

[Calgary, Dec 29th]
Grey mountains
tipped with bluish white
hold up the sky.

[Calgary, Dec 30th]
Twelve times
the old tenor rings
at midnight's stroke.

[Calgary, Dec 31st]