The One Year Daily Haiku Project

January 2001

Moon, snow
hare: white, lanky
slowly hopping.

[Calgary, Jan 1st]
In headlights' fan
a young deer runs
to snowy fields.

[Calgary, Jan 2nd]
A barking dog,
above the silhouetted trees
Orion shines.

[Calgary, Jan 3rd]
Reflecting pools
amid jumbled rafts
of broken ice.

[Calgary, Jan 4th]
One bell tolls
as I climb the hill
through the ice.

[Calgary, Jan 5th]
Comely musicians
delighted in their song
play on.

[Calgary, Jan 6th]
Brown grass
footsteps in the ice
sun glinting.

[Calgary, Jan 7th]
White snow
full moon setting
shadowed trees.

[Calgary, Jan 8th]
Creaking, cracking
a field of broken ice
frozen, still.

[Calgary, Jan 9th]
Laughing, chatter
from the playground
through the trees.

[Calgary, Jan 10th]
Coyote stares
then under fence, away
gone in darkness.

[Calgary, Jan 11th]
Snow falling
across the dark fields
distant bells.

[Calgary, Jan 12th]
Chickadee sings,
darting, wings fluttering,
away, gone.

[Calgary, Jan 13th]
Water drips
from the snowy roof
in the bright sun.

[Calgary, Jan 14th]
Busy streets
edged with greasy rime
and noisome fumes.

[Calgary, Jan 15th]
Misty sky
glowing amber pink
in silent trees.

[Calgary, Jan 16th]
Staring from the road
in my headlights' glare
one white hare.

[Calgary, Jan 17th]
Distant sparks
rosy shadowed hills
dissolving mist.

[Calgary, Jan 19th]
Brown hundreds
counted one by one--
ten thousand.

[Calgary, Jan 20th]
A glowing sky
along the distant ridge
dark row of pines.

[Calgary, Jan 21st]
Swirling patterns
frozen in the rippled ice,
crushed to shore.

[Calgary, Jan 22nd]
Sparkling stars
black sky, treetops
crunch of snow.

[Calgary, Jan 23rd]
Shaggy ponies
cluster round their bales,
cold blue snow.

[Calgary, Jan 24th]
Iron gates
frosted barren garden
greyed statues.

[Calgary, Jan 25th]
Receeding snow
shining golden grass
magpies twitching.

[Calgary, Jan 26th]
Whirling veils
shaking hips and bellies
come-on eyes.

[Calgary, Jan 27th]
Eyes closed
glass in sagging hand
three am.

[Calgary, Jan 28th]
Along the street
old leaves and cracking ice
beneath the trees.

[Calgary, Jan 29th]
At bridge's pier
swift flowing water
broken ice.

[Calgary, Jan 30th]
Frozen in the path
a thousand jumbled footsteps
over... laid.

[Calgary, Jan 31st]