The One Year Daily Haiku Project

February 2001

From her window
she sees all the goings on
and remembers.

[Calgary, Feb 1st]
Lights blaze
unchecked o'r hill and vale,
ergs run wild.

[Calgary, Feb 2nd]
Black pavement
water trickles, shining
in the warm sun.

[Calgary, Feb 3rd]
In branches hidden
hundreds by the sound

[Calgary, Feb 4th]
Vapours rise
cold black water
eddys slowly.

[Calgary, Feb 5th]
Hanging on the straps
swaying as the train sways
staring ahead.

[Calgary, Feb 6th]
Exhaust drifting
tail lights blazing
black sky.

[Calgary, Feb 7th]
Jewelled hips
dark flashing eyes
sinuous grace.

[Calgary, Feb 8th]
Distant tower
silhouetted in the night
ice fog's glow.

[Calgary, Feb 9th]
Quiet street
two lone girls wait
in growing cold.

[Calgary, Feb 10th]
Tattered clouds
race the silver moon
through the trees.

[Calgary, Feb 11th]
Moon shadows
gnarled old poplars
on the snow.

[Calgary, Feb 12th]
Touched by pink
tall grey skyscrapers
at river's curve.

[Calgary, Feb 13th]
Tire tracks
through drifted snow
stretch ahead.

[Calgary, Feb 14th]
Across the bridge
cold biting wind
hunched walkers.

[Calgary, Feb 15th]
Black streets
lined with litter, snow
and grimy ice.

[Calgary, Feb 16th]
Drum and body
beat the ruttish rhythm
of the shameless dance.

[Calgary, Feb 17th]
Hill and dale
black, brown, grey
misty sky.

[Calgary, Feb 18th]
Lusty voices
roar the age-old words:
raise the glass.

[Calgary, Feb 19th]
Warm sun
last night's snow
trickling away.

[Calgary, Feb 20th]
Fading light
stripes of blue cloud
darker than the sky.

[Calgary, Feb 21st]
Faint skyglow
beyond the blackened ridge:
three posing deer.

[Calgary, Feb 22nd]
Arms wild
rejected, she falls
and weeps in the dust.

[Calgary, Feb 23rd]
Big bellies
face-painted, big-hatted
whistle a tune.

[Calgary, Feb 24th]
Ancient queen
in flowing gilded white
turns and smiles.

[Calgary, Feb 25th]
Polished ice
in the stop sign lane:
long slide.

[Calgary, Feb 26th]
Jackets open
walkers in the sunny park
sparrows in the trees.

[Calgary, Feb 27th]
Slushy path
through bare grey trees:
black runner comes.

[Calgary, Feb 28th]