The One Year Daily Haiku Project

March 2001

A glass of wine
a soft caressing hand
the river murmurs.

[Calgary, Mar 1st]
Water trickle
sun warmed rail
two chickadees.

[Calgary, Mar 2nd]
Warm sunshine
chirping from the trees
snowy lawn.

[Calgary, Mar 3rd]
Old papers
blown against the fence
puddled by the path.

[Calgary, Mar 4th]
Across the field
the frost marked path
of many feet.

[Calgary, Mar 5th]
Blanket covered
squatting, eyes down
a dollar in the cap.

[Calgary, Mar 6th]
In a blue haze
distant mountains, fields
golden moon.

[Calgary, Mar 7th]
Fresh snow
melting in blue twilight:
a rabbit's track.

[Calgary, Mar 8th]
Water rippling
grey sinking ice
reflecting sun.

[Calgary, Mar 9th]
He dances, smiles...
to take his reaching hand
she slowly rises.

[Calgary, Mar 10th]
Beyond the trees
outlined in golden lights
a fairy castle?

[Calgary, Mar 11th]
Along the path
bare trees chirping
in rosy dawn.

[Calgary, Mar 12th]
Fast water
ice floes cracking
geese argue.

[Calgary, Mar 13th]
Brown hills
old buffalo bones
wild crocus.

[Calgary, Mar 14th]
Sparkling stream
slow swirls of ice
o'r rounded stones.

[Calgary, Mar 15th]
In fields of clay
the yellow tractors stilled
three houses wait.

[Calgary, Mar 16th]
Across the trail
bands of sun and shade
through white poplars.

[Calgary, Mar 17th]