The Snippets Project

January 2002

Pastor Manders:   Because when you were out of
your senses, and came to me crying, 'Here I am,
take me,' and I said, 'Woman, go home to your
lawful husband' - was that a crime?

Mrs Alving:   I think so.

[Henrik Ibsen (trans Peter Watts) ,Ghosts,1881,locate]
"O wind, blow Conrad's hat away,
Make him run after as it flies,
While I with my golden hair will play,
And twist it up in seemly wise."

[the Brothers Grimm (Jacob Ludwig Carl and Wilhelm) (trans Lucy Crane, illus Walter Crane) ,Household Stories: The Goose Girl,1882,locate]
Then the first human skull came to light,
and after it many skeletons. The bones were
identified as those of young girls--the
many brides of the rain god Yum-Chac.

[Robert Silverberg,Lost Cities and Vanished Civilizations,1962,locate]
This has never happened to me before, with
women or men. I have fallen in love like a
flash, committing myself utterly to devotion.
I have liked girls instantly, if they looked
at me with pleasure instead of appraisal.
With Kate, it was different. She looked at
me without moving her head while her father
was telling mine what a bad girl she was.
Her eyes were pale and blue, unsuited to the
Cleopatra make-up. She looked at me for a
second as if I were the only familiar thing
in that courtroom, then slid her eyes back
and shut them, the lashes flickering.

[Monica Dickens,Kate and Emma,1964,locate]
Laura Beauchamp rose. "Lieutenant, I must be
blunt," she said. "This is a quiet, homey
village. Our daughters have been gently reared.
What will happen to these pure, innocent
girls when the town is full of soldiers?"

[Max Shulman,Rally Round the Flag, Boys!,1957,locate]
'Oh, I read somewhere that you can always
ask the police for a night's lodgings. So
I did. They were very nice. They gave me
a cup of tea, and one of them played
draughts with me until it was time for him
to go off duty. Then he took me home with
him and his wife gave me another cup of
tea and put me to bed. Really,' she said,
'outside schools, people are quite decent.'

[Howard Spring,I Met a Lady,1961,locate]
Petruchio:   O monstrous arrogance! Thou liest,
thou thread, thou thimble,
Thou yard, three-quarters, half-yard, quarter, nail,
Thou flea, thou nit, thou winter-cricket thou-
Brav'd in mine own house with a skein of thread!
Away, thou rag, thou quantity, thou remnant;
Or I shall so bemete thee with thy yard
As thou shall think on prating whilst thou liv'st!
I tell thee, I, that thou has marr'd her gown.

[William Shakespeare,The Taming of the Shrew,1594,locate]
The butler, recognizing her ladyship's only
surviving brother at a glance, as he afterwards
informed his less percipient subordinates,
favoured Sir Horace with a low bow, and took it
upon himself to say that my lady, although not
at home to less nearly-connected persons, would
be happy to see him.

[Georgette Heyer,The Grand Sophy,1950,locate]
How the young South, led by the reincarnated
souls of the Clansmen of Old Scotland, went
forth under this cover and against
overwhelming odds, daring exile, imprisonment,
and a felon's death, and saved the life of a
people, forms one of the most dramatic
chapters in the history of the Aryan race.

[Thomas Dixon, Jr.,The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan,1905,locate]
"He ran," the unicorn said. "You must
never run from anything immortal.
It attracts their attention".

[Peter S. Beagle,The Last Unicorn,1968,locate]
"Eliza Bennet," said Miss Bingley, when the
door was closed on her, "is one of those
young ladies who seek to recommend themselves
to the other sex, by undervaluing their own;
and with many men, I dare say, it succeeds.
But, in my opinion, it is a paltry device,
a very mean art."

"Undoubtedly," replied Darcy, to whom this
remark was chiefly addressed, "there is
meanness in all the arts which ladies
sometimes condescend to employ for
captivation. Whatever bears affinity to
cunning is despicable."

Miss Bingley was not so entirely satisfied
with this reply as to contine the subject.

[Jane Austen,Pride and Prejudice,1813,locate]
"Hell, it's gone! It's gone! Look at it for
Christ's sake!" Wheeling round the valley
side Martin had seen the concrete face
abruptly split and crumble under the weight
of water. Gibson swung in close and was
staggered. A ragged hole 100 yards across
and 100 feet deep split the dam and the lake
pouring out of it, 134 million tons of water
crashing into the valley in a jet 200 feet
long, smooth on top, foaming at the sides
where it tore at the rough edges of the
breach and boiling over the scarred earth
where the power-house had been.

[Paul Brickhill,The Dam Busters,1951]
Two good men who made fun and helped people.
Valuable men. But somebody killed them.
There has to be a reason. Everything is
connected. So you have to look for
something outside of them. Something evil
that somehow both of them touched.

[Tony Hillerman,Sacred Clowns,1993,locate]
In fact, the first corn-field sown with a
single grain had prospered admirably, thanks
to Pencroft's care. It had produced the ten
ears foretold by the engineer, and each ear
containing eighty grains, the colony found
itself in possession of eight hundred grains,
in six months, which promised a double
harvest each year.

[Jules Verne and (trans W. H. G. Kingston) ,The Mysterious Island,1875,locate]
They were staggered at my assurance. An
animal may be ferocious and cunning enough,
but it takes a real man to tell a lie.

[H.G. Wells,The Island of Doctor Moreau,1896,locate]
"Help! Help!" she called. "This way! Across
the island!" And then the brown hand of her
jailer closed over her mouth. Like a tigress
she fought to free herself, or to detain her
captor until the rescue party should catch
up with them, but the scoundrel was muscled
like a bull, and when the girl held back he
lifted her across his shoulder and broke
into a run.

[Edgar Rice Burroughs,The Monster Men,1929,locate]
She gave me the impression, when we parted, of
being a bit pensive, which I could well
understand, and I wasn't feeling too unpensive
myself. There's a touch of the superstitious in
my make-up, and the way the Basset Ménage
seemed to be rasing its ugly head, if you know
what I mean, struck me as sinister. I had a ...
what's the word? ... begins with a p ... pre-
something ... presentiment, that's the baby ...
I had a presentiment that I was being tipped off
by my guardian angel that Totleigh Towers was
trying to come back into my life and that I
would be well advised to watch my step and keep
an eye skinned.

[P.G. Wodehouse,Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves,1963,locate]
He gestured, and cowled figures leapt forward.
Until that moment their presence had somehow
gone unnoticed by all. They wore long robes
the ghostly gray of dense fog, the color of
the House of Grizhni. Little of their faces
could be seen beneath the deep hoods, but
Verran caught a glimpse of thick fur and white
fangs. Her husband's servants did not appear
to be human, but what they might be was almost
impossible to judge.

[Paula Volsky,The Sorcerer's Lady,1986,locate]
What an instrument is the human voice! How
wonderfully responsive to every emotion of
the human soul! In Hepzibah's tone, at that
moment, there was a certain rich depth and
moisture, as if the words, commonplace as
they were, had been steeped in the warmth
of her heart.

[Nathaniel Hawthorne,The House of the Seven Gables,1851,locate]
The voice went on and on, mild and deliberate,
inflexibly gentle: the small girls listened
intently, framing in their minds little pious
sentences with which to surprise their parents,
and the boy yawned against the whitewash.

[Graham Greene,The Power and the Glory,1940,locate]
They clapped her. I listened in amazement
to the tribute from the most cynical bunch
in the world, and she came into the library
with a real laugh in her eyes. I saw in a
flash what her fame was all about: not just
talent, not just courage, but style.

[Dick Francis,The Danger,1983,locate]
"And--dammit, I don't want you to think
I've been associating with the wrong class
of women. I haven't. This is a nice girl,
a sweet little thing, pure and fresh..."

"What's the question?" Mason interrupted.

"Mason, can you put a virgin in jail as a

[Erle Stanley Gardner,The Case of the Vagabond Virgin,1948,locate]
Ten years ago I would never have dreamed
that someday I would be drinking a bottle
of wine with my father confessor--but then,
neither would I have dreamed that I would
someday kill men and be decorated for it
instead of being hanged--nevertheless,
that is what happened.

[Erich Maria Remarque,The Black Obelisk,1957,locate]
The carronades roared out, sweeping the
Frenchman's quarterdeck with grape on top
of the roundshot. Hornblower saw the
officers there dashed to the deck like
lead soldiers, saw rigging parting, and
the big stern windows of the French ship
disappear like a curtain jerked from its

[C.S. Forester,A Ship of the Line,1938,locate]
Very rarely, but now and then, a perfect
corpse came down the river to the whirlpool.
With all the unreliability of chance it slid
around murderous rocks and avoided currents
destined for sharp branches. As if it knew
the river well and could navigate its course.

[Jane Urquhart,The Whirlpool,1986,locate]
By then she had read enough and seen enough to
recognize the symptoms of infatuation, but also
to know that what she was experiencing was very
far from the consuming passion of literature or
poetry. She rather hoped that this would come
her way eventually, since she had every intention
of living a thoroughly robust and ample life, but
she was in no hurry. Clearly, that particular
eclipse of reason was a hazardous process and you
needed to be in the peak of condition to cope
with it. Love could wait.

[Penelope Lively,Cleopatra's Sister,1993,locate]
Almost two hundred years passed between the
arrival of the Spaniards to Western Mexico and
the conquest of Gran Nayar in 1722. During this
period of time indigenous people from the region
incorporated many aspects of Catholicism into
their religious system. This was a voluntary
process, not led by missionaries and was a
response to the need of having dieties for all
the new tools and techniques that had been
arriving from the old world since the 16th
century. Up to this day the Gran Nayar still
venerate Christ mainly as the creator of cattle,
metal tools, and money.

[ Placard in the Gran Nayar ethnology section of the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City ,El Sincretisme Religioso,2001]
Akhenaten was an artist himself. He recited
poetry, painted, and even tried his slender
hand at carving stone. I will tell you a
secret that few people know. He carved a
sculpture of Nefertiti that was by all
standards an ideal of beauty. It may still be
in the abandoned palace, or in Nefertiti's
palace, or perhaps it was destroyed with
everything else. When the queen abandoned him
unexpectedly, he took out the left eye of the
sculpture to express his disappointment, but
left the rest intact as a token of eternal love.

[Naguib Mahfouz (trans Tagreid Abu-Hassabo) ,Akhenaten: Dweller in Truth,1985,locate]
"I wish you to pay attention to what I am going
to say to you. The colts who live here are very
good colts, but they are cart-horse colts, and of
course they have not learned manners. You have
been well-bred and well-born; your father has a
great name in these parts, and your grandfather
won the cup two years at the Newmarket races; your
grandmother had the sweetest temper of any horse
I ever knew, and I think you have never seen me
kick or bite. I hope you will grow up gentle and
good, and never learn bad ways; do your work with
a good will, lift your feet up well when you trot,
and never bite or kick even in play."

[Anna Sewell,Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse,1877,locate]
He spent several hours in the area searching and
questioning, walking slowly along the alleys and
through the passages up and down stairways, deeper
into the older part, unchanged in generations.
Water dripped off rotting eaves, the streets were
slimy, wood creaked, doors hung crooked but fast
closed. People moved ahead of him and behind like
shadows. One moment it would be strange, frightening
and bitterly infectious, the next he thought he
recognized somwthing. He would turn a corner and
see exactly what he expected, a skyline or a crooked
wall exactly as he had known it would be, a door
with huge iron studs whose patter he could have
traced with his eyes closed.

[Anne Perry,The Silent Cry,1997,locate]
'Have you a light?'
'A lighter...I never use matches....'
The Chief Inspector's eye seemed to rest on
three bits of greenish wood, burnt at the ends,
lying in the hearth near the burnt paper. 'Of
course!' he said. But there was no knowing to
whom this comment was addressed.

[Georges Simenon and (trans Margaret Marshall) ,Maigret Stonewalled,1931,locate]