The Snippets Project

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The goal of this project is to share with you on a daily basis the various writings I have come across over many years of reading that have captured my attention and remained with me afterward. I'll try also to include link to online references to the item or its author. It'll be interesting to see just how long I can keep this up...

This project came about as a way to replace the daily offerings of The One Year Daily Haiku Project which had long outlived its intended life span. Three years instead of one. Part of its design involved the daily creative effort... the writing of one haiku daily. In the end I began to see that this was impeding other creative activities because of the unconscious design time that it required. I also needed to get away from the daily activity and replace it with one that could be done in batches at intervals to facilitate the growing amount of travel in my life.

It's early in the life of this project so I'm early in my understanding of it. A few years ago someone commented that artists find it much easier to explain their work after a few years have passed since the creation of it. They're hardly able to comment intelligently or usefully on the current activities at all. I've certainly found it true - so I'll leave further comment until later...

Paul Brown