The Daily Haiku Project - The First Year

March 18th 1998 - March 17th 1999


March 1998
Silent, smothered, white,
beauty and an aching back.

[Calgary, March 18th]
Years ago,
packed slush and debris
dammed and re-dammed
the gutter's flow.

[Calgary, March 19th]
warm sun glinting,
of unexpected pools.

[Calgary, March 20th]
Crooked rails
lead to
an uncertain destination.

[Calgary, March 21st]
This snow belongs
in the Kingston
of my youth.

[Calgary, March 22nd]
Once white snow
glistens and wizens under
the crisping sun.

[Calgary, March 23nd]
Now again
the smiling sun greets me
on my way to work.

[Calgary, March 24th]
A west-facing window -
my poor computer
can't handle the heat.

[Calgary, March 25th]
I am an outsider
by age and gender
at Herland.

[Calgary, March 26th]
Hunched over a terminal,
to the world
behind my back.

[Calgary, March 27th]
Syncing in
isn't possible
at such a pace.

[Calgary, March 28th]
Chirping in the snow
a robin
bids confidence.

[Calgary, March 29th]
Seed packets await
the gardener's
rising ardour.

[Calgary, March 30th]
Our classrooms
are breeding those
who can live in chaos.

[Calgary, March 31st]
April 1998
Tires softly sing
on the streets
with spring rain.

[Calgary, April 1st]
Mist, fog and cloud
to a distant horizon.

[Calgary, April 2nd]
Driving fast
through big puddles
is always
a splendid joy.

[Calgary, April 3rd]
Indoors all day
of the outside.

[Calgary, April 4th]
I'm not sure
I'm ready
to leap forward.

[Calgary, April 5th]
Grass, brown and matted,
is revealed
by the vanishing snow.

[Calgary, April 6th]
Rising early,
chirping birds,
the scent and glisten
of rain.

[Calgary, April 7th]
Enshrouded in grey,
a bloom of blue
in the west.

[Calgary, April 8th]
Striding off
to the obvious
I find myself alone.

[Calgary, April 9th]
Satisfied but drained
by days longer
than the sun's.

[Calgary, April 10th]
Winter's detritus
unrisen nature.

[Calgary, April 11th]
In unison
the choir breathes
a sigh of relief.

[Calgary, April 12th]
Unwise tulips
now find themselves

[Calgary, April 13th]
Tax time, tax time,
it rings in my head,
like a death knell.

[Calgary, April 14th]
Old friends,
old memories,
new meetings.

[Calgary, April 15th]
Grey-dawn birdsong
the frost-scraping.

[Calgary, April 16th]
Bright sun welcomes
family teams
to gardening duties.

[Calgary, April 17th]
Spring has reawoken
the bartering spirit.

[Calgary, April 18th]
That Eastertide
with Joy
was Bright"


[Calgary, April 19th]
The river ripples
ice-drifted shores--
coyote glides by.

[Calgary, April 20th]
Running or lazing,
children revel in
the spring warmth.

[Calgary, April 21st]
I pause as
hamburgers sizzle
on the dusty grill.

[Calgary, April 22nd]
Grey skies,
breath of rain,
hints of green.

[Calgary, April 23rd]
Spring rains
pool in gutters,
wash away the dust.

[Calgary, April 24th]
Tangling with
twining roses
proves painful.

[Calgary, April 25th]
Stiff muscles
remind me of
all the jobs
done yesterday.

[Calgary, April 26th]
Tickets won,
a visit
to the exotic
and unknown.

[Calgary, April 27th]
Sleeping skills
in the doing
of household chores.

[Calgary, April 28th]
Sixth-grade acting
quickly turns
Greek tragedy
to slapstick farce.

[Calgary, April 29th]
Up early, watering,
green shooting
out of the beds.

[Calgary, April 30th]
May 1998
How can we be
hot, sweaty and dusty

[Calgary, May 1st]

seems not to mean
lack of complexity.

[Calgary, May 2nd]
river pathways
with runners
and skaters.

[Calgary, May 3rd]
Cherry blossoms,
teach us
here too.

[Calgary, May 4th]
Smoke plumes
stretch across
half a province
to obscure our skies.

[Calgary, May 5th]
Forest fire,
site burns,
no backups,
ingenuity required.

[Calgary, May 6th]
Red glowering orb,
parched grass crunches underfoot,
soft pink petals fall.

[Calgary, May 7th]
Four coloured voices,
lieder - sad and dramatic,
bliss to the untrained.

[Calgary, May 8th]
Chatting at the sales
in lanes, garages and yards
making other friends.

[Calgary, May 9th]
A train of neurons
has remembered my bass part
better than I can.

[Calgary, May 10th]
Donning wooden clogs,
red shirt and baggy black pants
I'm a Dutchman now.

[Calgary, May 11th]
Cherry, apple, rose,
blossoms in countless colours,
each one of them pink.

[Calgary, May 12th]
Late for the singing,
in a rush, all other thoughts
flee away from my mind.

[Calgary, May 13th]
Intense varied greens
mute all other spring colours;
May rains have begun.

[Calgary, May 14th]
Questionned by lawyers,
what I think is the whole truth
still remains hidden.

[Calgary, May 15th]
Long enough to cut,
green grass lush and beautiful;
now the chore awaits.

[Calgary, May 16th]
The whirling reel sounds,
mown grass is tossed in the air,
scent of memories.

[Calgary, May 17th]
Petals have fallen;
bees engender our desire
for fruit in the fall.

[Calgary, May 18th]
The path seems straightest
just before chaos appears
at a sudden turn.

[Calgary, May 19th]
An elusive scent
and for a second or two,
Grandmother's garden.

[Calgary, May 20th]
Attention is great
and creation is joyful;
but bandwidth gets used.

[Calgary, May 21st]
Dark-blue clouded skies,
grey-white buildings in the rain,
greens blossom below.

[Calgary, May 22nd]
Heavy overcast;
then clouds break, drift and lessen,
the warm sun peers through.

[Calgary, May 23rd]
A day back in time,
steam train and paddle wheeler,
a measure of rest.

[Calgary, May 24th]
One cooling control;
always too hot or too cold
in two offices.

[Calgary, May 25th]
Brass blare, winds caress,
orchestra mates with chorus,
music becomes whole.

[Calgary, May 26th]
Torrential downpour,
misty drizzle and light rain
in sequence all day.

[Calgary, May 27th]
Exciting new work,
so many different threads,
my mind is on fire.

[Calgary, May 28th]
Inside looking out
designing, coding, surfing
sunrise to sunset.

[Calgary, May 29th]
Grass grows thick and high;
sun, rain and fertilizer
have had their effect.

[Calgary, May 30th]
Chopped off heads fly up,
bodies sliced to tiny bits;
die dandelions!

[Calgary, May 31st]
June 1998
Umbrella not found,
ventured outside without one;
of course, I got wet.

[Calgary, Jun 1st]
Jenni gets more press;
my server slowly sags.
How much can it bear?

[Calgary, Jun 2nd]
Turbulent river,
cloudy, lowering, grey skies,
a chill in the air.

[Calgary, Jun 3rd]
A problem carries
the seeds to its solution;
but how to find them?

[Calgary, Jun 4th]
At dusk, in the west
gradations of blue/pink clouds
hide the dying sun.

[Calgary, Jun 5th]
Out of a clear sky
clouds, thunder, lightening and hail;
later - clear again.

[Calgary, Jun 6th]
Time zones and locales,
the net envelops the globe.
What time is it really?

[Calgary, Jun 7th]
Hot and bright outside,
my day was all spent inside.
Need to do better!

[Calgary, Jun 8th]
Too tiny a day -
how did so much get packed in?
Then there's tomorrow.

[Calgary, Jun 9th]
Recent rain's dampness,
birds atwitter all around,
soft pink hue at dawn.

[Calgary, Jun 10th]
Two authors reading -
a glimpse into other lives,
other histories.

[Calgary, Jun 11th]
Suddenly it's dark.
Another day has been used;
but what have I gained?

[Calgary, Jun 12th]
Black-clad flying feet,
Irish and Scottish dancing;
my feet just couldn't.

[Calgary, Jun 13th]
Sunny all morning,
late afternoon brings thunder;
it's Stampede weather.

[Calgary, Jun 14th]
Choir, orchestra
suspended in the silence
before the applause.

[Calgary, Jun 15th]
Old man sits reading;
two dogs, alert and friendly,
do all the begging.

[Calgary, Jun 16th]
Kick-off meeting's done;
seeds are set, ideas bloom;
high hopes, bright future.

[Calgary, Jun 17th]
Start home - light drizzle.
Halfway - torrential downpour.
Inside - rain has stopped.

[Calgary, Jun 18th]
Migration again -
another new web site host.
Change for the better?

[Calgary, Jun 19th]
Composing the ads
for our pipe organ concerts,
I'll now have to go.

[Calgary, Jun 20th]
Afternoon is hot,
slaving away on software;
computer's hotter.

[Calgary, Jun 21st]
Slanting golden light
prepares one for the new day
and later ends it.

[Calgary, Jun 22nd]
Sunlight, rain glistens.
Two blues, each owns half the sky.
The best of both worlds?

[Calgary, Jun 23rd]
Waiting late at night
for those once again delayed,
energy withers.

[Calgary, Jun 24th]
Thousands of whistles,
great tonal and timbral range,
thought out long ago.

[Calgary, Jun 25th]
Some may wonder why
Jenni's such an attraction;
we already know.

[Calgary, Jun 26th]
Mixed and cloudy skies,
threatened torrents were promised;
they never appear.

[Calgary, Jun 27th]
Dreary overcast;
fresh, moist, enclosed, protected;
beautiful soft light.

[Calgary, Jun 28th]
Soft misty morning,
gold fog clings to the river
and bathes the city.

[Calgary, Jun 29th]
Running very fast,
never getting further on,
almost falling back.

[Calgary, Jun 30th]
July 1998
It's Dominion Day;
history and western songs,
crowned by thunderstorms.

[Calgary, Jul 1st]
Server chaos reigns;
all have failed without reason.
Start again from scratch.

[Calgary, Jul 2nd]
Rains for our parade;
but spirits hardly dampened,
Ya-hoos without end.

[Calgary, Jul 3rd]
In youth or at age,
when can we really fulfil
our relationships?

[Calgary, Jul 4th]
Tasting my first wine,
in my mind images of
ancestral vintners.

[Calgary, Jul 5th]
Rain out of pattern
in morning and afternoon;
the evening is clear.

[Calgary, Jul 6th]
Twelfth Night in the park;
fun after rain-delayed start;
actors in gumboots.

[Calgary, Jul 7th]
Torrential downpour,
traditional evening fare,
sodden Stampeders.

[Calgary, Jul 8th]
Hot, damp and muggy,
thinking of cool forest glades;
too busy working.

[Calgary, Jul 9th]
Golden slanting light,
eerie under thick massed clouds;
fade to final black.

[Calgary, Jul 10th]
Mowing through wet grass,
I did not see either wasp;
rush for Benadryl.

[Red Deer Lake, Jul 11th]
Wide vistas of greens
grazed meadows, crop fields, treed plains
straight shimmering road.

[Bashaw, Jul 12th]
Stampede's all over,
heavy summer rains gone too;
bright, blazing, dry heat.

[Calgary, Jul 13th]
Days are long and hot;
every day when I come home
the grass is longer.

[Calgary, Jul 14th]
Here in the office
sweaters and jackets all round;
damn cooling system!

[Calgary, Jul 15th]
Sky clear dawn to dusk,
bright, sunny, windless and warm,
cool in the evening.

[Calgary, Jul 16th]
Hateful paperwork -
bills, statements, letters and mail;
but it must be done

[Calgary, Jul 17th]
Lazing late in bed
until the novel is done;
all else can go hang!

[Calgary, Jul 18th]
Sunny afternoon,
children and a concert band
playing in the park.

[Calgary, Jul 19th]
River-side morning,
chill breeze flutters poplar leaves,
water rushes by.

[Calgary, Jul 20th]
Red orb, tinted glow;
soft blue sky, misted green hills;
windows flashing gold.

[Calgary, Jul 21st]
tight, elegant encoding;
smiling, I decode.

[Calgary, Jul 22nd]
In Bach and Sweelinck
short, timed slices of silence
emphasize, make clear.

[Calgary, Jul 23rd]
Baking oven heat
scarcely reduced by air flow
as my car drives off.

[Calgary, Jul 24th]
Drove south - axle blew;
hiked in Okotoks instead;
ate lunch on Big Rock.

[Calgary, Jul 25nd]
Sounds of a dead heart;
thoughts of a decaying brain;
final quietude.

[Calgary, Jul 26rd]
In the reddened west,
tall grey cumulus columns
pierced by the sun's rays.

[Calgary, Jul 27th]
Sign says "no parking";
it wasn't there yesterday;
my favourite spot.

[Calgary, Jul 28th]
Fighting with firewalls
no megabytes moved at all;
copy by floppy!

[Calgary, Jul 29th]
Fractal fingers thread
like veins, rivers or lightning
across black ether.

[Calgary, Jul 30th]
It simply won't work;
does this software have a bug
or is it just me?

[Calgary, Jul 31st]
August 1998
Spinning endlessly,
each thread perfectly woven;
building web pages.

[Calgary, Aug 1st]
Night's coolness lingers;
dew glistens from the soft grass;
sun blaze is hours off.

[Calgary, Aug 2nd]
Red-hot metal glows,
sparks fly as the blacksmith strikes;
form changes, takes shape.

[Calgary, Aug 3rd]
Puzzled the whole day
searching, reading and testing
demm'd elusive bug!

[Calgary, Aug 4th]
A soft cool dark sky,
a pleasant riverside walk,
then sweltering heat.

[Calgary, Aug 5th]
Programming in C
after coding in Java;
almost mediaeval.

[Calgary, Aug 6th]
Will's Henry V
stirs men to death and glory;
attitude is all.

[Calgary, Aug 7th]
In endless cycles
install, test and uninstall;
bad scanner drivers!

[Calgary, Aug 8th]
Quiet Sunday morn,
tiny shards of broken glass,
van's side window gone.

[Calgary, Aug 9th]
Smoke on the night's breeze;
somewhere the world is ablaze;
here we'll cough and sneeze.

[Calgary, Aug 10th]
A quick glance, then stop;
drooping, yellowed, almost dead;
my favourite plant.

[Calgary, Aug 11th]
Circling endlessly,
gliding, stepping fluidly;
taller in wheeled boots.

[Calgary, Aug 12th]
Twilight steals day's reign,
an o'erweening hush settles;
days shorten to fall.

[Calgary, Aug 13th]
Engine stroke rhythm,
slap and splash of paddle wheel;
slowly nodding off.

[Calgary, Aug 14th]
Rain for the parched earth,
deluging down in torrents,
flooding from eavestroughs.

[Calgary, Aug 15th]
Struggle with new tools,
relearn all the old functions,
slowly gain mastery.

[Calgary, Aug 16th]
Tidy, retidy;
ever the same useless toil;
depression lowers.

[Calgary, Aug 17th]
Chilly grey morning,
joggers on riverside path,
leaves hint of autumn.

[Calgary, Aug 18th]
Document formats
decoded and converted
almost magically.

[Calgary, Aug 19th]
Magpies by the path,
gulls soar along the river,
fishers at the bridge.

[Calgary, Aug 20th]
Cool, half-lit morning,
enfolded by purple clouds;
slash of bright lightning.

[Calgary, Aug 21st]
Dickering in yards,
chatting with friends and strangers,
picking up bargains.

[Calgary, Aug 22nd]
Stark black and fine-lined,
block prints reveal a story
beyond their content.

[Calgary, Aug 23rd]
Sudden harsh honking,
ten geese skim in and settle;
fast moving water.

[Calgary, Aug 24th]
Quiet, tree-lined path,
water ripples and splashes;
exhaust fumes intrude.

[Calgary, Aug 25th]
Rashness and mischance
bring to death sad Juliet
and her Romeo.

[Calgary, Aug 26th]
Back home after work;
kids had a day of leisure;
all chores left undone.

[Calgary, Aug 27th]
In creeping traffic;
slowly dodging in and out,
seeking faster ways.

[Calgary, Aug 28th]
They laze in the shade
earning the zoo's room and board;
we pay, stand, swelter.

[Calgary, Aug 29th]
A merciless sun
draws forth a full sheen of sweat;
I long for night's cool.

[Calgary, Aug 30th]
Blending of voices;
rehearsing familiar songs,
chattering with friends.

[Calgary, Aug 31st]
September 1998
Two young trainee chefs
mixing and rolling meatballs,
chopping vegetables.

[Calgary, Sep 1st]
Minutes before dawn,
three tall cranes at the river,
reflecting ripples.

[Calgary, Sep 2nd]
Two brown, parched schoolyards,
a waiting schoolgirl in each;
both saying I'm late.

[Calgary, Sep 3rd]
Childhood Christmasses,
a soupçon of Sauterne wine;
can't find it today.

[Calgary, Sep 4th]
Pop rock cantata,
Phantom, Faust and Frankenstein;
Paradise re-seen.

[Calgary, Sep 5th]
Hot sun and cool grass,
thousands listen restlessly;
the orchestra plays.

[Calgary, Sep 6th]
Apples from my tree
cut and crushed to make cider;
heady aroma.

[Calgary, Sep 7th]
Lon Chaney's Phantom
seeks Christine's love - all in vain
and succumbs to death.

[Calgary, Sep 8th]
Glowing golden east,
clustering black sentinels;
night's lamps fade to dawn.

[Calgary, Sep 9th]
Dark sky, streetlights blaze;
cool evening becomes cold night;
autumn must be near.

[Calgary, Sep 10th]
Quiet, empty streets,
a crew sweeps up shattered glass,
cold, sombre morning.

[Calgary, Sep 11th]
Spruce Meadows culture -
horses jump and nations meet;
I sing Dutch, cook Dutch.

[Calgary, Sep 12th]
Dozens of young boys
wildly racing Lego cars;
girls build other things.

[Calgary, Sep 13th]
The choir regathers;
music old and new to learn;
concerts at Christmas.

[Calgary, Sep 14th]
Clear dark azure sky,
crescent moon and two bright stars
grace the glowing east.

[Calgary, Sep 15th]
Still dark - drive to work;
through my window the sun shines;
dark again - drive home.

[Calgary, Sep 16th]
Cool rainy evening,
reading voices of poets,
thirsts quenched for a while.

[Calgary, Sep 17th]
Art walk, talk and work;
chatting, comparing projects;
floating ideas.

[Calgary, Sep 18th]
Artist Trading Cards -
small projects, easily done;
reset, reboot, go!

[Calgary, Sep 19th]
Connected pictures
paths, memories and web links
nearby neurons fire.

[Calgary, Sep 20th]
Yellow autumn leaves
rustle as I briskly walk
through deserted lanes.

[Calgary, Sep 21st]
Trees in stately rows,
fountains and calm-surfaced ponds,
cream figures frozen.

[Calgary, Sep 22nd]
Our ears are learning
to hear and appreciate
new dissonances.

[Calgary, Sep 23rd]
Slow, rumbling freight cars,
oil-soaked sleepers, grey ballast,
paired rails heading west.

[Calgary, Sep 24th]
Perky clockwork girl
becomes lithe ballerina;
poise and fluid grace.

[Calgary, Sep 25th]
Great, Swell and Pedal
pipes, keys, wind-chests and blowers;
proud organ owners.

[Calgary, Sep 26th]
Wild storms and dogs howl,
white snow-streaked ice and warm homes;
Inuit music.

[Calgary, Sep 27th]
Six sublime voices
raised together in concert;
the angels listened.

[Calgary, Sep 28th]
Fingers and feet dance
interweaving complex themes;
final crashing chords.

[Calgary, Sep 29th]
Shrill chirping birdsong,
full tones dying to silence,
patterns of music.

[Calgary, Sep 30th]
October 1998
Cold, dark and early
our breath fog shivers away,
water's sharp glitter.

[Calgary, Oct 1st]
Tear-stained golden leaves
whipped up by the wind's bluster,
torn by tire and foot.

[Calgary, Oct 2nd]
Entranced listeners,
entwined themes from song and dance,
entombed Bach's bequest.

[Calgary, Oct 3rd]
Explosives flicker,
buildings tumble, dust rises;
memories remain.

[Calgary, Oct 4th]
Driving wheels shimmy
worse each day, no one knows why;
big repairs ahead.

[Calgary, Oct 5th]
Lights, streets, cars, people
emerge from night's deep darkness;
momentum gathers.

[Calgary, Oct 6th]
Golden yellow trees
blue-green hill, black mountain peaks
sky of soft shirred rose.

[Calgary, Oct 7th]
Hidden images
in a careful stack of plates;
craft or potter's art?

[Calgary, Oct 8th]
Royal icing art
takes us from crypt to cafe;

[Calgary, Oct 9th]
Sleuthing web pages,
seeking hidden links and clues,
leaving no trail - ehhh?

[Calgary, Oct 10th]
Massed choirs and organ
Christian hymns of thankful praise
fidgety children.

[Calgary, Oct 11th]
A quiet work day
tidying and catching up;
resting, preparing.

[Calgary, Oct 12th]
With dentist-numbed mouth
at a funeral I sing,
among the white heads.

[Calgary, Oct 13th]
Leaves of bright yellow
gathered on lawn, lane or street
rustle in the wind.

[Calgary, Oct 14th]
Dirty brown freight cars
trundle slowly to the east
while we wait and smoke.

[Calgary, Oct 15th]
Last minute worries,
trying to forget nothing;
the flight leaves at five.

[Calgary, Oct 16th]
Now I relax as
a guest in my sister's house;
her children are hers.

[Waterloo, Oct 17th]
Landscape I recall,
woven in autumn colours;
another leaf falls.

[Kingston, Oct 18th]
The band rehearses,
I sit in at the drum set;
can't keep from playing.

[Toronto, Oct 19th]
Large shiny white plate,
strict hexagonal salad,
coiffure of lettuce.

[Toronto, Oct 20th]
Slow-moving traffic,
lights red, green and red again;
flight time approaches.

[Toronto, Oct 21st]
Lights in the blackness
mark distant streets and houses,
nearby offices.

[Calgary, Oct 22nd]
Typing frantically;
papered desk and cluttered screen;
too many projects.

[Calgary, Oct 23rd]
Red tiger culture;
wine, food and fine art:
the quick and the dead.

[Calgary, Oct 24th]
Crinkled leaves rustle
warm sun and a gentle breeze
rake and wheelbarrow.

[Calgary, Oct 25th]
Rosy evening sky
flanked by tall dark sentinels;
a small jet speeds west.

[Calgary, Oct 26th]
Wry skulls and vampires
from the grocer's pumpkin bin
will soon grace our door.

[Calgary, Oct 27th]
Lying, mouth agape,
my jaw vibrates to the drill;
scent of powdered tooth.

[Calgary, Oct 28th]
Orange streetlights glare,
curbside car coated in frost
slowly chugs to life.

[Calgary, Oct 29th]
Black death, white maiden
she limp, clasped to his bosom
her beloved grieves.

[Calgary, Oct 30th]
Two Halloween priests
sombre monk and brisk cleric
trade artist's cards.

[Calgary, Oct 31st]
November 1998
Busy streets glisten
wipers sweep away the rain
a quick dash inside.

[Calgary, Nov 1st]
Wet road, tires whisper
tall lamps against the black sky
snow-flurry halo.

[Calgary, Nov 2nd]
Sipping sweet red wine
like an old childhood cider
we sing tenderly.

[Calgary, Nov 3rd]
Light fixture damaged;
flowers and settings just so,
candle-lit dinner.

[Calgary, Nov 4th]
Building puzzle's sky
subtle gradations of blue
not a piece missing!

[Calgary, Nov 5th]
Joyous actors rest
excited fans cluster close
op'ning day is done.

[Rosebud, Nov 6th]
Fearful bones tower,
dinosaurs frozen in time,
slow bone-bed scraping.

[Drumheller, Nov 7th]
Unsorted papers
reproach me from the clutter,
my scratchy throat aches.

[Calgary, Nov 8th]
Celebrate a life
sweet death brings a funeral
singing in the choir.

[Calgary, Nov 9th]
She's killed two witches
and walked the yellow brick road.
Stay home? Not likely!

[Calgary, Nov 10th]
Stuffy, aching head,
I want to lie down and sleep;
supper needs making.

[Calgary, Nov 11th]
Lustful Juliet
spurns Romeo and turns boy
to chase a new love.

[Calgary, Nov 12th]
Sprinkled feeble snow
hard ice crunches underfoot
cold seeps into me.

[Calgary, Nov 13th]
Move, find, sort and box
tidy, arrange, toss or store
making space to live.

[Calgary, Nov 14th]
Freezing fog, slick roads
all movement is hushed and slow
trees redrawn in white.

[Calgary, Nov 15th]
Feathered with hoarfrost,
skeletal trees loom closer;
fog shrouded arches.

[Calgary, Nov 16th]
Piles of paperwork
each sheet demands my interest
grudgingly I bow.

[Calgary, Nov 17th]
Old Christmas carols
familiar tunes and voices
new parts to study.

[Calgary, Nov 18th]
Acres of new books
begging to be read and owned;
almost obsolete?

[Calgary, Nov 19th]
Organists long dead
old tales of them linger still
I lean close to hear.

[Calgary, Nov 20th]
White winter pauses
warm sun brings a rich reward
dancing leaves dart low.

[Calgary, Nov 21st]
Amid dry brown stalks
small ladybugs hibernate
soon cold dark winter.

[Calgary, Nov 22nd]
Distant street lights shine
across the troubled river
from dark bare-boughed trees.

[Calgary, Nov 23rd]
Red lights block my way;
each consumes a long minute
of my ebbing life.

[Calgary, Nov 24th]
Gaunt windowed buildings
tower against a grey sky;
one scrap flies upward.

[Calgary, Nov 25th]
Walking - path and bridge
passing - a runner, we smile
chattering - water.

[Calgary, Nov 26th]
Paused at a red light
soft, dreamy, restful music
peace, pleasure, a sigh.

[Calgary, Nov 27th]
An old reed organ,
a tiny pioneer church;
we sing lustily.

[Calgary, Nov 28th]
Advent church service
plainsong, anthem and carol
Christmas is coming.

[Calgary, Nov 29th]
Steady light snowfall
decorating the blackness
swirling on the road.

[Calgary, Nov 30th]
December 1998
Code from my fingers
slowly quickens my design,
incarnates structure.

[Calgary, Dec 1st]
Slow flowing river
dotted by tiny ice-floes
frozen at the shore.

[Calgary, Dec 2nd]
A full grey-marked disc
glows white, high in the night sky;
seas, craters, foot-prints.

[Calgary, Dec 3rd]
Gingerly stepping
distant icy parking lot
wife's Christmas party.

[Calgary, Dec 4th]
Bright back lane, downtown
warm-air vent, cart of treasures
an old grey man sleeps.

[Calgary, Dec 5th]
Stuck in a time loop;
do life over and over
'til you get it right.

[Calgary, Dec 6th]
He drives, lights flit by
slight swaying, low chatterers
too soon, arrival.

[Calgary, Dec 7th]
Gnarled bent old poplars
ancient soldiers in a row
slowly dying out.

[Calgary, Dec 8th]
Dark skeleton grove
abandonned sacred circle
empty, forgotten.

[Calgary, Dec 9th]
Cakes and cookies
all kinds of sweet squares;
ate recently.

[Calgary, Dec 10th]
Warm wind
glancing down, ripples
vanishing snow.

[Calgary, Dec 11th]
Close around,
strong blossoming voices;
watching the baton.

[Calgary, Dec 12th]
Soft sky
gentle fall warmth;
street sweeper.

[Calgary, Dec 13th]
Empty path
cold river wind
snow hushed.

[Calgary, Dec 14th]
Side porch
light on, door open,
to a knock, no answer.

[Calgary, Dec 15th]
City streets, walking
soft rosy tints, glancing
red sky, transfixed.

[Calgary, Dec 16th]
Wind howls
pine needles on the walk
outlined in snow.

[Calgary, Dec 17th]
Snow floaters
twirl, dance at the bridge
crush, flow away.

[Calgary, Dec 18th]
Squeaky car
huge exhaust plumes
biting cold.

[Calgary, Dec 19th]
Warm-up scale
swelling rich voices
dulcet blending.

[Calgary, Dec 20th]
White cold
bone-chilling walk
frozen river.

[Calgary, Dec 21st]
Unbroken snow,
harsh orange glare, behind...

[Calgary, Dec 22nd]
Paused to thank
stayed, chatted, talked
called away.

[Calgary, Dec 23rd]
Christmas morn
midnight choir sings
all done.

[Calgary, Dec 24th]
Lights on a tree
wine, turkey and pudding
family games.

[Calgary, Dec 25th]
Subsiding house
overweight contents
martial law declared.

[Calgary, Dec 26th]
Snow dusting
can not hide
worn paths.

[Calgary, Dec 27th]
Icy crossing
car gracefully slides
and spins.

[Calgary, Dec 28th]
Temple lions
snow-mantled at the door;
still guardians.

[Calgary, Dec 29th]
Gloves drop
sticks spin away
fists rise.

[Calgary, Dec 30th]
The magic hour
slides quietly by

[Calgary, Dec 31st]
January 1999
Awoke late
gravelly voice

[Calgary, Jan 1st]
From the floor
a book ... opens;
green leaf.

[Calgary, Jan 2nd]
Wipers swish,
for a second or two -
a clear view.

[Calgary, Jan 3rd]
Frosted path
crisp ice sparkles
footstep rhythm.

[Calgary, Jan 4th]
Frozen tumult
crunched, driven ice
motionless river.

[Calgary, Jan 5th]
Lightless, snowy,
empty road; cornering

[Calgary, Jan 6th]
Leaden cold
rising ghost trails
black heavens.

[Calgary, Jan 7th]
Downtown late
empty sidewalks
all grey.

[Calgary, Jan 8th]
Each day
time in, time out
the same.

[Calgary, Jan 9th]
Grey skys
tainted white sward
black roads.

[Calgary, Jan 10th]
One attack,
four bowed notes;
fade to silence.

[Calgary, Jan 11th]
Misty air
small haloed moon;
blazing city.

[Calgary, Jan 12th]
Birds chatter
schoolyard kids too
busy cars.

[Calgary, Jan 13th]
Pack ice
cracked, lifted, jumbled

[Calgary, Jan 14th]
Glassy sidestreet
slipping, sliding, turning,
not stopping.

[Calgary, Jan 15th]
Still street
quiet shuttered houses
song of chirps.

[Calgary, Jan 16th]
Figures dark
roadside waiting

[Calgary, Jan 17th]
Grime, grease
exhaust-filled air
chilly walk.

[Calgary, Jan 18th]
Soft coo
flutter of wings
snowy river.

[Calgary, Jan 19th]
Snow flies
light, fluffy, thick
traffic crawls.

[Calgary, Jan 20th]
Christmas lights
in a snow-capped hedge;
faerie bower.

[Calgary, Jan 21st]
First light
new-fallen snow
rabbit path.

[Calgary, Jan 22nd]
No window
building heat and air;
network world.

[Calgary, Jan 23rd]
Smoke curls
expands rose-hued

[Calgary, Jan 24th]
Many feet
numerous treads
all directions.

[Calgary, Jan 25th]
Hunched walker
dangling briefcase
measured tread.

[Calgary, Jan 26th]
Sleeping streets
one empty space
slide in.

[Calgary, Jan 27th]
Decaying snow
icy talons receeding
dirty gravel.

[Calgary, Jan 28th]
Dusty sky
tall bare trees
long shadows.

[Calgary, Jan 29th]
Ghostly disk
black silhouettes
spine shivers.

[Calgary, Jan 30th]
Girl on a sofa
soft blue flicker
glances out.

[Calgary, Jan 31st]
February 1999
Tires roar
headlights rush on
fumes effuse.

[Calgary, Feb 1st]
Warm sun
trickling water
no gloves.

[Calgary, Feb 2nd]
cyclist zips past
pigeon droppings.

[Calgary, Feb 3rd]
Fall leaves
dusty and dry
shrinking snow.

[Calgary, Feb 4th]
Golden treetops
old snow - dark pines
lone runner.

[Calgary, Feb 5th]
Teacher, student:
bums on an organ bench
jostling for position.

[Calgary, Feb 6th]
Tumbled grey rocks
dusty brown grass
magpie pecking.

[Calgary, Feb 7th]
By the door
knapsack and coat-
empty chair.

[Calgary, Feb 8th]
Smooth water
flows slowly past-
rusty bridge.

[Calgary, Feb 9th]
Icy alley:
long swinging coat
pretty smile.

[Calgary, Feb 10th]
Neon colours
floors of scattered lights:
stark poplars.

[Calgary, Feb 11th]
Swirling hair
sensual caress of line
disturbed Munch.

[Calgary, Feb 12th]
Cloudless blue
water trickles, sparkles
warm sun.

[Calgary, Feb 13th]
Step away
car door swings:
locked out.

[Calgary, Feb 14th]
Vacant lot
soft slippery mud;
heavy shoes.

[Calgary, Feb 15th]
Ancient bugs
discovered by accident:
tower topples.

[Calgary, Feb 16th]
New cars
parked row on row:
frosted windows all.

[Calgary, Feb 17th]
Brilliant green
criss-crossing ferns:
fenced out.

[Calgary, Feb 18th]
Poets writing
heads down - then
waving hands.

[Calgary, Feb 19th]
Cut and carved
sticky ink, fingers
image revealed.

[Calgary, Feb 20th]
Heaped garbage
bags burst, torn:
windy day.

[Calgary, Feb 21st]
Poets writing
heads down - then
waving hands.

[Calgary, Feb 19th]
Cut and carved
sticky ink, fingers
image revealed.

[Calgary, Feb 20th]
Heaped garbage
bags burst, torn:
windy day.

[Calgary, Feb 21st]
Dark west-
two bright planets
beckon quietly.

[Calgary, Feb 22nd]
River ice
melted at a curve-
ducks paddle

[Calgary, Feb 23rd]
Each morning:
the sky a lighter shade
of blue.

[Calgary, Feb 24th]
Water shivers
over melting ice:
a whistle, a coo.

[Calgary, Feb 25th]
Bare paths:
winter's discards
new exposed.

[Calgary, Feb 26th]
Eager traders
hunched, necks bent-

[Calgary, Feb 27th]
Sunlit warmth
crowded sidewalks
café chatter.

[Calgary, Feb 28th]
March 1999
Brisk walk
chilled face, ears:
ice snaps.

[Calgary, Mar 1st]
Big old tree
litter of bark shards-
fender fragments.

[Calgary, Mar 2nd]
Falling snow
glows eastern gold
under the bridge.

[Calgary, Mar 3rd]
New snow
thin, soft, quiet;

[Calgary, Mar 4th]
Black vampire
powerful, yet pleading-
thrust crosses.

[Calgary, Mar 5th]
Freezing fog
distant house wraiths-
brown branches.

[Calgary, Mar 6th]
Confident voices
flexible young limbs;
acting already.

[Calgary, Mar 7th]
Frozen river
surface melted: ponds
wind ripples.

[Calgary, Mar 8th]
blazing red lights
slow white legs.

[Calgary, Mar 9th]
Blue light
reflecting from the snow-
frost crystals.

[Calgary, Mar 10th]
Three geese
honking, landing, fighting:
slippery ice.

[Calgary, Mar 11th]
Tracery of branches
light blue-grey sky-
birds atwitter.

[Calgary, Mar 12th]
men sit talking:
wives upstairs.

[Calgary, Mar 13th]
River ice
long jagged seams
water's sound.

[Calgary, Mar 14th]
Swirling water
ice... crushed, tilting;
flight of ducks.

[Calgary, Mar 15th]
Hammer strikes
string, harmonics
on and on.

[Calgary, Mar 16th]
Standing, waiting...
cameras roll, explosions
...quiet again.

[Calgary, Mar 17th]

[Calgary, Mar 18th]