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Out and Down

But we do find the path. It is where it had to be. We have left the world of lichen and open meadow behind. The view through the rocky gap shows the opening to the much lower transverse valley below. We know the road is a mere hour away at most. A pleasant tiredness creeps over us as we laze down through the shadows and through the sunlit glades.

climbing down

We pause at a bird's note; we stop for an unexplained rustle in the undergrowth. One last surprise greets us. A beautiful chapel-like hollow where water runs around and under our feet. Large and delicate mushrooms decorate the humus-strewn floor. A canopy of branches far overhead closes us in and the water's musical ripple seems to expand.


Even my camera's lack of film has no dampening effect; we are almost home and it has been a glorious day.