We like contradictions --- as many as possible. Everything we do has as many levels of critique and meaning as we can pump into it.

                     - General Idea (1991)

General Idea, the collective title for Jorge Zontal, A.A. Bronson, and Felix Partz is best known to the art world for witty and humourous critiques of modern culture. When the group formed in the late 1960s, each artist brought extensive experience in sculpture, photography, painting, video and performance. By the 1980s, General Idea was Canada's most famous artist collective on the international scene.

During the group's career, "borderline", a creative zone of group consciousness motivated most of their projects. General Idea often sparked controversy. They courted contadiction and ambiguity in their work, and provoked artists and critics alike with their AIDS projects. The full scope of their efforts was explored in a major retrospective toured from the Art Gallery of Ontario in 1984. The exhibit drew the AGO's largest attendance for a Canadian show. Today, A.A. Bronson is the only surviving member of General Idea.

Armoury Postcard "Houndstooth Virus"

[one of eight produced to accompany the exhibition of

"The Armoury of the 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion"]