"Hello" to you too.

Oh, at a loose end, eh? You're looking for something to do to fill in the afternoon? Well. I suppose that your guidebook told you about the "Restaurant at the End of the World". Did it say anything about the museum? If not, then perhaps you don't have the most recent edition. Well, just down the road apiece from the restaurant there is a museum - in fact quite a large one.

You remember museums. Collections of things - exotic things, priceless things, curious things, forgotten things. I don't think anyone remembers what's in this museum any more. The computer catalog got full eons ago. No one bothers with it any more and besides it never remembered anything properly anyhow. And then there're always the thousands of dusty crates that never got unpacked.

Well it scarcely matters. Not many people left to visit these days and no one is worried about the artifacts being damaged or disappearing anymore. So all the traditional rules are gone. You're on your own. Be careful for your own sake. If you get hurt there's no one to help you. Go where you want. Look at what you want. Handle what you want. Take what you want. Look at the displays. Check out the storage areas. See if you can find some of those crates.

Use the bathroom in the main hall before you go in very far - you could get lost and not be able to find a working one later. Remember that the museum is very large and sometimes you may no longer be sure if you're still inside it or not. The walls are not all in the best of repair and some of them were never very substantial.

My connection? I'm one of the custodians - perhaps the only one left. I haven't seen any of the others for quite a while.

Where to start? Well I know where I usually go first. It's to see an old coin I was given long, long ago.