Paul Brown

in collaboration with the

Marion Nicholl Gallery

cordially requests your presence at a


on Tuesday February 25th

from 12:00 - 2:00 pm

at the north end of the ACAD cafeteria.

photo by Adrienne Gradauer

For my show to be held in the Marion Nicholl Gallery during the week of March 24-30 I need a hundred or so small bowls. Because I'd like each one to look very individual I've had them thrown by the members of my ceramics class [Thanks, guys!] To heighten the effect I'd like you to come and carve some decoration into one. Again with the help of my friends in ceramics they'll be bisqued, glazed and fired. All ready for the show!

And then perhaps... if you choose to come to my show's opening/performance at 5pm on Monday March 24th, you can find the bowl you decorated and eat from it. Of course you can come to the opening even if you don't decorate a bowl; but it would heighten your experience and mine.

You don't have to know anything about carving clay. I'll tell/show you whatever you need to know. All are welcome - students, teachers, administrators, techs, support staff - you don't even have to belong to ACAD in any way [if you're coming to the Alberta College of Art and Design from away it's attached to the Jubilee Auditorium and near SAIT in Calgary, Alberta, Canada].

I hope to see you Tuesday at lunchtime after reading week.