The two things most important things I needed donated for the show were the loan of the computer and the flowers. By the time I got around to this part of the show's organization it was early February.

The computer part was easily - Peter Fung of Advanet Technology Inc. agreed to loan me a computer for the duration of the show with no hesitation at all. And when the time came it was easy to get the computer and install it. The only tricky part was loading on my web site.; but thanks to two guys at work [Martin Ulrich and Paul Desrosiers] this was finally accomplished.

For the flowers I cold-called around until I found two flower stores who were interested enough to accept written documentation of the show and a formal request; but since Valentines day was near I was told they wouldn't decide for a few weeks. After waiting until February 14th was past, until people came back into town and until supervisors had been approached, I finally got my answers - no and no. One store decided they weren't interested and the other got sold to new management.

So I started over at Canada Safeway and began with a week-long session of telephone tag. I finally faxed in another proposal. Over the course of the next two weeks the file got transferred on to several different people in different departments. People I needed to talk to left the company or took vacations. Arghh! But in the end Debbie in Public Affairs took pity on me and told me that the Floral department in the Kensington store would donate the flowers. I was very relieved and thankful.