Christmas 1998

part 2 of 6


Time zones and locales,
the net envelops the globe.
What time is it really?

[Calgary, Jun 7th]
Black-clad flying feet,
Irish and Scottish dancing;
my feet just couldn't.

[Calgary, Jun 13th]
Old man sits reading;
two dogs, alert and friendly,
do all the begging.

[Calgary, Jun 16th]
Twelfth Night in the park;
fun after rain-delayed start;
actors in gumboots.

[Calgary, Jul 7th]
Days are long and hot;
every day when I come home
the grass is longer.

[Calgary, Jul 14th]
Here in the office
sweaters and jackets all round;
damn cooling system!

[Calgary, Jul 15th]
Sign says "no parking";
it wasn't there yesterday;
my favourite spot.

[Calgary, Jul 28th]
Smoke on the night's breeze;
somewhere the world is ablaze;
here we'll cough and sneeze.

[Calgary, Aug 10th]
A quick glance, then stop;
drooping, yellowed, almost dead;
my favourite plant.

[Calgary, Aug 11th]
Sudden harsh honking,
ten geese skim in and settle;
fast moving water.

[Calgary, Aug 24th]