Christmas 1998

part 3 of 6


Back home after work;
kids had a day of leisure;
all chores left undone.

[Calgary, Aug 27th]
They laze in the shade
earning the zoo's room and board;
we pay, stand, swelter.

[Calgary, Aug 29th]
Minutes before dawn,
three tall cranes at the river,
reflecting ripples.

[Calgary, Sep 2nd]
Two brown, parched schoolyards,
a waiting schoolgirl in each;
both saying I'm late.

[Calgary, Sep 3rd]
The band rehearses,
I sit in at the drum set;
can't keep from playing.

[Toronto, Oct 19th]
Crinkled leaves rustle
warm sun and a gentle breeze
rake and wheelbarrow.

[Calgary, Oct 25th]
Wry skulls and vampires
from the grocer's pumpkin bin
will soon grace our door.

[Calgary, Oct 27th]
Lying, mouth agape,
my jaw vibrates to the drill;
scent of powdered tooth.

[Calgary, Oct 28th]
Light fixture damaged;
flowers and settings just so,
candle-lit dinner.

[Calgary, Nov 4th]
Move, find, sort and box
tidy, arrange, toss or store
making space to live.

[Calgary, Nov 14th]