Happy Christmas
Paul Brown   1999



You have our very best wishes for a

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Paul, Elwyn, Lindsay, Julian, Carol and Danielle Brown


This year Carol, Danielle and I each created a print from which the Christmas cards we are mailing were made. They were painted and printed at the Glenbow Museum here in Calgary last Christmas season in a class on mono-printing taught by Carol Bondaroff. Thanks Carol!

We scanned the cards for our electronic Christmas cards. Mine is above and the ones made by Carol and Danielle are below with their greetings.

2000 was a complex year for us. We purchased a new house at the end of 1999 and spent much of the time until moving day on April 15th preparing. As it turned out we were strategically defeated by the accumulation of living in our old house for 18+ years and earned about 2 on the 1-10 moving scale. To top it off I spent much of the time from April to the end of November in Montreal and Mexico on business.

As it stands now, we're about half moved in [hundreds of boxes still to be unpacked], the old house has sold and changed possession, and we own a small starter home [taken in trade] that we'll soon be arranging to rent. But we do seem to have mostly survived. Our friends and relatives saw and heard from us even less than usual last year; but we promise to amend that situation soon.

As I said above, have a great new year. And because we're just approaching the end of the 2000th year since our calendar began at January 1 in the year 1, I think I'm safe in wishing you an excellent century and a stupendous millenium too.



Happy Christmas
Carol Brown   1999





Happy Christmas
Danielle Brown   1999