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Conjecture on Line

Line. The materialization of line. Wonder how many centuries of concentration on an inkling did it take, before a prehistoric person, actually used something as a tool on a surface and made the first marking that delineated what is associated with human reason. Whether this line was an abstract indentation, or a beginning to sculpting a tool, it may have been the crux of not only the development of civilized Humans, but of human consciousness itself.

Consider philosophical and theological cogitation of the human experience. Even though there are major discrepancies amongst the many religions, there is still a consortium on structure. Is it possible that there is a biological resemblance, based on scientific fact, to the spiritual scenario? The beginning of line created by a hand, may have been the start of assimilation biologically, of human and animal. Is it possible that prior to the initiating of present perceptions, we were highly developed intellectual life forms? That we mutated with animal forms, out of necessity to survive?

Line is obviously the distance between point A and point B. Line constitutes the structure of civilization, from Stone Age, and so on to the space age. And will continue to permeate ages to come.

No Solution

I don't believe there's a solution
To the universal problem
Positive and negativism are timeless
Nature nurtures, yet it is ruthless
Babies are born
Priests and killers fight and pass-on
Babies are born
Armies battle over political systems and pass-on
Babies are born
And so on, and so on

The Reason

Arlo Guthrie got on stage, and pointed out to the crowd that there were more than half a million people in the audience, and that the state high way was jammed for miles. This was the Woodstock nation, a celebration of Love, and peace. Not only that, it was symbolic of world wide political change. Motto's like "they got the guns but we got the numbers". I believe the majority that supported this cause, viewed these musicians as priests, delivering a new gospel. Behind this scene, we presumed there were educated men in every walk of life, ready to implement these changes that the 'priests' sang about. Changes in the structure of education, economics, and ultimately goverments. We envisioned structures based on love and peace, sharing and fair play.

It seems like it was all a hoax. A cool and calculated opportunism. A GOOD BUSINESS VENTURE based on HEART WARMING LIES!!!


You know
It was unethical
To keep yourself in the closet
It was wrong to lead me on
I fell in love with you
After that picnic at Glenmore reservoir
I thought it was cool
That I didn't have to drive
You drove me home and kissed me good night
I went to my room savoring that kiss
We had a great relationship
About a month later one night
Your sister answered the phone
She said you were in bed with 'You Know'
I fell into an emotional abyss
But I'll always remember that kiss
I imagine you as an Amazon
A mystery from the Isle of Lesbos
But I'll always cherish that kiss
Your beautiful eyes and lips

A prayer

Our father in heaven
Please give us, with every birth
A humble, caring, didactic person
With a propensity for learning, as well
Lead us away from intellectual competitiveness
And deliver us from pedagogues
Deliver us from all pedantry
In a dictated time-frame studies
And therefore perdition
Forever, and ever amen

Naïveté Developing into Delusive Egos

Conditioned, we are from childhood to the demagogue - man. The ability to reason has been abused to insert a form of escapism into our psyches. As children, we become mentally immersed in fascination and awe, at the brilliance of human creations. We compare other species with ourselves, and because we are on the vast majority urban dwellers; that do not experience other life forms in their natural habitat, we develop a lack of respect for their abilities. We are not corrected about are misconceptions about nature, in fact we are encouraged to give other species and forms in nature, human characteristics. Including the concept of the creator of course, is a man.

We are also induced with an altered perception of nature in terms of material things. Man made items are given a mystical quality, the source of raw materials for these products is downplayed, often completely ignored. I for one associated the comforts of home, with Jesus, mum and dad, and uncle and auntie everyone. I am not complaining. I am simply pointing to natural order. That nature leads humanity; and it is nature that makes us deviate from natural order, to fulfill whatever purpose it needs us to fulfill.


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