Raymond Cooper


Bells of Creation An Eternal Kiss
Love Coma A Song to Dana Mac-
Black Lipstick Baby Goodnight
The Psycho Pseudo-logical institution Driven Mad
Bright Darkness To Share a Thought Weird
Criminal Acts Lonesome Blues
Naked at three The Wings of Air
Dance to the Sun I Ain't Crazy
Resurrect My Bone The Hooker
Love is a Blue Light Artemis You Are Not: To think I believed your delusion
Sister Snow She's a Sports Car
Stormy Blues My Best Friends Speed
An Apothegm for Those Who Create Gods Did Anyone See
You're Too Bad Getting Better
Thoughts It's A Hunger
Burning Bridges Intrepid Warrior
Exonerate Me You Just Can't Go
A Love Letter Cocoon
See the Light And Now for the Weaklings
Life's a Bitch and then you Die IF
Verve and Van Gogh Not a Gamble; Existent
Automation Smoking
Destroy Hatred Raymond Cooper UDO
Are You Guys Really Y.U.P.P.I.E.S An Oligarchy of Billionaires
Mother Let's go Sailing
Pain Giver Love
Servile Parrots Pie
A Dimension of Mind No Solution
She A prayer



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Text and Images ©1999 Raymond Cooper