Poems by Raymond Cooper


Resurrect My Bone

It's been six long years
That I've been your friend
I've always thought the best of you
You are beautiful creative and sweet
And secretly I've wanted you
But I was living with a lady
A person that I loved
And so we went on being friends
And I thought you and her and I were buddies 'til the end
But when she left
All you wanted to do was
Resurrect my bone
Resurrect my bone
Resurrect my bone
I stopped myself from making you
Didn't want to wobble your courage
My love for you really is twenty-eight Karat
I think you are sexy, I love you
Always did since I met you
After all the sharing of time
Seems to me
Unless I'm wrong
You just wanted to resurrect my bone
I need your love don't just resurrect my bone
I thought I saw love in your eyes all those years
It's been a pleasure being with you
You make me smile with joy
A lucky moth flying beside a beautiful butterfly
But unless you love me, please don't touch my soul




The Hooker

She was somebody's blue eyed angel
Happy dreams in her little bed
Turning pages to see happy pictures
Of little red riding hood
Running through the woods with Mom and Dad
Saying silly jokes
Making bread with grandma
Holding hands with Jack
Never been kissed at sixteen
Model student she was
Left school with honors
Her life was April showers
Until the madness came
It howled in the woods
The wolf gave up and went to the hills
Red Riding Hood cries to this day
Grandma went away
Grandpa and Dad went looking for her
Mom forgot it all
Weaves baskets all day




Love is a Blue Light

Love is a bird flying in a world beyond this world
A sky in another universe
Only the imagination can reach
The love beyond a tree's heart beat
In a dream I saw the sky open
And there was light of love
It embraced me with its wings
And I became a spirit
Flying beside a blue light
Flying beside sky blue ecstasy
In an eternal cloud of white light


Artemis You Are Not: To think I believed your delusion

You bore yourself into my mind
You touch my heart with your spirit's wings
I fell in love
I knew: I tried to push your advances away
I knew the arrows of love you shot
Would turn into infections of loneliness
But like a fool
I chose to be a stationary target
You seem an immature huntress
Artemis would have consumed me


Sister Snow

Sister snow is so beautiful
Comes running up to me
Kisses me
Takes me flying on silver horses
Through the night sky
Sometimes angels sing for me while I sit on a cloud
And fluorescent butterflies tickle me with their wings
Sister Snow cools the summer night
Sister Snow smiles at me
When the dawn knocks gently on my eyelids
And caresses me with drops of gold
While green blades of grass
Make images of nirvana in my mind
And call me home
Sister Snow makes sleep an experience of gentleness
Like a butterfly on its first flight
Leaving the weight behind
Sailing on and on
But Sister Snow will cut you in a thousand pieces
If you don't want her anymore




She's a Sports Car

She's a sports car
Got four on the floor
She's got a four fifty CC engine
If that ain't enough
She's a lady
She lets you drive her only if she's in love with you
She's got sky blue tinted windows
She's got a Jaguar rear end
She's got fuel injection
Two cross-her-heart headlights
The girl's a class A sports car
She's got all the right stuff
She's a lady
She'll let you drive her if you love her and she loves you
She'll ride you down the highway of dreams
Where angels are real
And rock and roll fills the skies
Butterflies land on your fingers
A she puts her wheels through your hair
She's a class A sports car
Got all the right stuff
Got to handle her with silk gloves
Cause she's got all the right stuff


Stormy Blues

Woman I'm think'n gonna catch a plane
Gonna take it to tomorrow
Where I feel no pain
I tried everything it seems
To make us happy
But everytime I get the happy feeling
Someone comes along
And takes a sledgehammer to our home
Goodness gracious your mom was on the phone
Said she wants you home
Said I'm a dreamer
Never going to make it as an Artist in Life
Should get a real job
Then maybe I can afford a wife
Gonna catch a train
Take it to happy times yesterday
Gonna jump and scream like a kid
Smile and pound down on the puddles of rain
But I was born to go on living
One day at a time
Gonna sail through stormy to bright skies
Just a trifle down that's all
Momma, give me a kiss
I'll turn the kettle on




My Best Friends Speed

Let me tell you a story
About my best friend Joe
He's really speedy
When riding his bike
When it comes to being on time
He'll tell you four p.m.
But he'll show up at nine
Wife's got a problem with that
Says he'll be late for his own wedding
But I think I know where he's at
He's trying to trick death
Practicing to be late for his own funeral
He's quite often invited for supper
Can't cook much
He's a bachelor
Phone rings at five to six
"Joe you were supposed to be here at six"
Says he got busy
Helping his friend
He's now going to head out
Be there at sixteen past
The wife thinks that's a laugh
Precisely sixteen past
We eat supper
Play some music and relax
Two hours later
It's Joe at the door
Same as four years before
Or was it nineteen eighty-four
And will be forever more
Wife gets upset
But I don't get mad
I know Joe's trying to trick death
He's practicing to be late for his own funeral


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Text and Images ©1999 Raymond Cooper