Poems by Raymond Cooper


Exonerate Me

Free me from the nauseous diatribe
The litigious verbal litter
You lobbyists for quasi-religious frugality
Inhalers of narcissism
Imitators of vogue
Querulous siblings
Petulant friends
The system you used to socialize me, torture, debased, and defiled my long hair, my open mind, my love for life, my love for the arts
Your vogue, fine! You have a right
For my vogue, you fucking shock treated me!!!




You Just Can't Go

You can't go
You can't go
Please don't leave me honey
You just can't go
If you leave me honey
The dog will cry
The cat will too
I'll be so lonely and so will you

You can't go
You can't go
Please don't leave me honey
You just can't go

If you leave Sweetie
My heart will break
The bills won't be paid
My head will ache
Don't go
You just can't go

(Repeat 1st verse)

If you stay honey
I'll do all the yard work
I'll sing you love songs
Even polish your shoes

(Repeat 1st verse)


A Love Letter

Hey, Momma!
I got cause for alarm
This guy keeps calling me
Says he's going to do me a whole lot of harm
Says he's got a secret
A love letter from me to Joanne
That was years before I met you
So, I'm letting you know first hand
Before he mails that letter to you
I love you

Joanne was the villain
In a story of love
Joanne stole my heart
Just to tear it apart
Then you came along
And made me whole
Please don't let a villain
Break up our happy home
I was a foolish seventeen-year-old youth
Thought I'd get married
Settle down
I got hurt
Couldn't see through Joanne
I guess girls are mature about what has to be
But I was too inexperienced
To service her needs
I was so hurt
I saw Joanne as a villain in a story of love
Joanne stole my heart
Just to tear it apart
Then you came along to make me whole
I love you
I'll love you till I'm bones





Last evening at about nine
I saw a future butterfly sublime
I searched for a piece of paper in my pocket
None to be found
To avail this sacred creature
As he plodded along across the sidewalk
To the lawn
Concerned, he would get stepped on
I mentally urged this pious insect to hurry up
I sensed his relief
When he felt the grass
I wondered if the gigantic risk
Might have caused him a heart attack
I left him with a renewed dream
A pragmatic sense of soul
On wings, a new body
Light as a feather
No matter the weather
An exciting panorama
Metamorphosis! A fact in nature


See the Light

Ponder modern art
Compare Rembrandt's light and dark
Pragmatic; real world
To say Picasso and Jackson Pollock
Seemingly unrealistic
Yet audaciously executed into existence
Critics disdained Rembrant's dark
Picasso burned his own paintings for heat
Chattering teeth
Second hand clothes and shoes
Primary colors and hues
Liquor bottles and drugs
To drown out the voices of ignorance




And Now for the Weaklings

Another revolution
Took place
The nineteen sixties
Jim Morrison and other artists many
Writers, teachers, scientists and other thinkers
Ready to change universal behaviour
Armed with love for everybody
The greedy machine
Is still going steady
If you want to live you better have money and God forgive who will inherit this machine running
The now corrupted weakling revolutionary
Enter the Y.U.P.P.I.E.S.


Life's a Bitch and then you Die

Life's a bitch
Then you die
Starts with your parents
One moment at a time
The carcinogen spreads
From emotional and financial abuse
Fight for the piece of pie
Lie, cheat and work hard
For the regime till you
Achieve your ego high
Or suffer disrespectful judgement;
Listen to the sophistry
Servile, groveling, or attain wealth and gain authority


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Text and Images ©1999 Raymond Cooper