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Paul J.R. Brown is no more. Jennifer has shut down her site after seven years of allowing us a view into her life. I've been asked numerous times why she stopped. The only hard evidence I have is a copy of an email from her explaining that PayPal had changed their rules about adult content and wouldn't support her site any more. Beyond that I can only guess at her reasons. I imagine that the seven years of being constantly watched by the Internet community would have been a continuing stress in her life and I'm sure the flack she'd received over the last year or so of her site about her current boyfriend and her staid lifestyle haven't helped. Based on my experience with this Last Week site, I can attest to the fact that the maintenance of a high-bandwidth site with daily updates is a major complication in one's life. I think she just said to herself one day [probably the day PayPal deserted her], "Enough's enough!"

But not being one to take a hint, I've decided to keep this site up a while longer. I've started the process of sorting through all the jennicam images that I have, which I'd guess is about three gigabytes worth. Organizing, removing duplicates and trying to fill gaps are my main tasks for next month or so. Some of the earliest images I can find that have date information come from 1997 and I've starting preparing these and putting them online in week-size chunks. I plan to update the site with a new set once a week about mid-week.

For the longer term... who knows? I don't currently plan to put up the whole archive en masse; but perhaps that will happen one day. I've had several requests that I should produce CD-ROMS of the archive. I have reviewed my emails with Jennifer on the subject of image copyright and I think that while our agreement allows me to maintain the site using her images she never gave me permission to produce CDs. So, for the moment, CDs are not an option.

There are some areas where I could use help. I'd like to extend the archive and fill in gaps. To this end it would be interesting to organize a search team that would scour the Internet for any new material and promote the sharing of what can be found. I've got several ideas about this which I will share soon. Then there's the idea I've wanted to get on with for years - to further analyze and write about the jennicam project. I'd like to see photo essays... 'Jenni over the Years', 'The Boyfriends' etc. have been suggested. Interesting. If you have any other ideas or would like to contribute in some fashion please email me at

On the server front things are good. Two servers are currently in operation and sharing the load. As always, JenniCam fans prove to be a great bunch. Thanks.

I have a new project just starting. Check out the portrait pages. I'd particularly like your involvement.

Paul J.R. Brown       


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