The Snippets Project

July 2001

The gaoler nodded grimly, laying his withered
hand on the shoulder of the miserable Toad. The
rusty key creaked in the lock, the great door
clanged behind them; and Toad was a helpless
prisoner in the remotest dungeon of the
best-guarded keep of the stoutest castle in all
the length and breadth of Merry England.

[Kenneth Grahame,The Wind in the Willows,1908,locate]
Then Wendy saw the shadow on the floor, looking
so draggled, and she was frightfully sorry for
Peter. "How awful!" she said, but she could not
help smiling when she saw that he had been trying
to stick it on with soap. How exactly like a boy!

[James Matthew Barrie (illus) ,Peter Pan,1904,locate]
"This is not pleasant to you, Emma--and it is very
far from pleasant to me; but I must, I will,--I
will tell you truths while I can; satisfied with
proving myself your friend by very faithful counsel,
counsel, and trusting that you will some time or
other do me greater justice than you can do now."

[Jane Austen,Emma,1814-5,locate]
The first time I had held my own daughter, I
had been exhausted from a too-long labour and
terrified about whether I would be a good
mother. The joy I felt when I looked down at
my granddaughter that night was unalloyed by
memories of past pain or fear of the future.
I was simply and overwhelmingly happy.

[Gail Bowen,Verdict in Blood,1998,locate]
'Mrs Donovan,' I said softly, 'he's the most
beautiful dog in Yorkshire.' Then, because I
knew she was waiting for it. 'It's those
wonderful condition powders. Whatever do you
put in them?'
'Ah, wouldn't you like to know!' She bridled
and smiled up at me coquettishly and indeed
she was nearer being kissed at that moment
than for many years.

[James Herriot,Let Sleeping Vets Lie,1973,locate]
Maybe he was lucky his nose was shot
. It would have been pretty bad to
have to lie and smell the perfume of
your own body as it rotted away.

[Dalton Trumbo,johnny got his gun,1939,locate]
Margaret Adkins had been ripped open from her
breastbone to her pubis. A jagged fissure ran
downward from her sternum, exposing along its
course the colors and textures of her
mutilated entrails.

[Kathy Reichs,Déjà Dead,1997,locate]
As he closed the door behind his patient it
seemed that a mask suddenly slipped from the
doctor's face, so swift and horrible was the
change that came over his features. He had
been smiling and suave, but as he turned
away from the door his demeanor was more
like that of a frenzied madman.

[Otis Adelbert Kline,Jan of the Jungle,1931,locate]
She stopped thinking, and she looked at the
spot in the sky where soon the moon would
rise and hang like an amulet and cast its
golden path on the water, and she smiled
and said aloud, "Thank you."

[Peter Benchley,The Girl of the Sea of Cortez,1982,locate]
Miss Hillard had looked young, serenely beautiful,
quietly elegant. Within handshaking distance, she
still was young, serenely beautiful, quietly
elegant. But now were added the sudden warmth of
her wide-set dark-blue eyes, the smile on her lips.

[Helen MacInnes,Decision at Delphi,1960,locate]
The evening sun was now sinking to the tops of
the gum trees, flooding the glade with golden
light; in the midst of her fatigue and these
strange happenings she could wonder at the
beauty and the fragrance of the place.

[Nevil Shute,The Far Country,1952,locate]
Suddenly Harblow, by a most curious progression
involving horizontal, vertical, and diagonal
moves, oversprang five of my stones and arrived
behind my zigzag thing. To my protests at the
obvious irregularity of this he replied:'Well, it
says here you can move auch sietwärts oder
,' as if that settled it.

[Paul Jennings,The Jenguin Pennings,1963]
But I'm always true to you, darlin', in my fashion,
Yes, I'm always true to you, darlin', in my way.

[Cole Porter,Kiss Me, Kate: Always True to You in My Fashion,1948,locate]
Something in the set of her face warned me
not to argue with her. I had an uneasy
feeling that her coming with me was
inevitable, a necessary part of the future.

[Hammond Innes,Campbell's Kingdom,1952,locate]
"Toronto Arrival, Blueforce leader. I am Major-General
Dudley Smith, personally appointed by the President
of the United States to lead USAF Blueforce to land
at Toronto International Airport and Downsview
Canadian Forces Base for the purpose of taking over
military occupancy and government of the Metropolitan
Toronto area and southern Ontario in accordance with
the President's decree that Canada should become and
is now part of the United States of America."

[Richard Rohmer,Exxoneration,1974,locate]
When I woke I woke to a state of terror and despair
which was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

[Iris Murdoch,A Severed Head,1963,locate]

[Bel Kaufman,Up the Down Staircase,1964,locate]
The Enemy comes from hundreds or thousands
of light-years away, and he tries desperately
to smash the defences of this fortress and
others, and when he succeeds there will be
massacre and atrocity and death to celebrate
his victory. He's on the way now.

[Murray Leinster,The Wailing Asteroid,1960,locate]
As it turned out, we had all of twenty minutes
to spare before the tanks arrived.

[Donald Jack,That's Me in the Middle,1973,locate]
My exoskeleton and Sack suit were gone. The million
invisible hairs pinning me down were simply the
force of Terran gravity. I could wriggle my fingers
and toes. I could open and shut my lower jaw.
Otherwise I could not bend a joint.

[Fritz Leiber,A Specter is Haunting Texas,1968,locate]
"Only I soon found out why my harpoon had
not entered its skin and was blunted."
"Why, Ned, why?"
"Because, Professor, that beast is made
of sheet iron."

[Jules Verne,Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,1873,locate]
the drops that fell from the shower never made it
to her body: they evaporated before they reached
her. Her body was giving off so much heat that the
wooden walls began to split and burst into flame.
Terrified, she thought she would be burnt to
death, and she ran out of the little enclosure
just as she was, completely naked.

[Laura Esquivel (trans Doubleday) ,Like Water for Chocolate,1989,locate]
He raises an eyebrow. "This is your company car?"
"No. It's mine." She puts a hand on the smooth
metal. She prefers that men lust after her, not
the car, although she is willing to use its
attractions. She bends her knee, caresses the car
with her palm, an inviting, circular motion.

[Aritha Van Herk,No Fixed Address: An Amorous Journey,1986,locate]
My being was incandescent with a vision of angels,
robes, virginity, and whiteness, eternally
prolonged; and with the sensation of soaring that
the music's slow ascent so powerfully evoked. But
none of this, I think, got into my voice, for I
regarded singing as a discipline no less than
cricket: nothing of what one felt must be betrayed.

[L.P. Hartley,The Go-Between,1953,locate]
He turned, and with a firm and rapid step he
walked across the empty space. Every heart
stopped beating, every breath was held, every
eye was fixed immovably upon that man. Without
the slightest hesitation, he went to the door
on the right, and opened it.

[Frank Stockton,The Lady or the Tiger?,1882,locate]
He was carrying a suitcase with clothing in order
to stay and another just like it with almost two
thousand letters that she had written him. They
were arranged by date in bundles tied with colored
ribbons, and they were all unopened.

[Gabriel García Márquez (trans Gregory Rabassa) ,Chronicle of a Death Foretold,1981,locate]
She undressed, laid herself on her miserable
straw bed, and covered herself with an old
curtain. In that state, the impression made
by her dirty tatters disappeared, and I only
saw a perfect beauty. But I wanted to see
her entirely. I tried to satisfy my wishes,
she opposed some resistance, but a double
crown of six francs made her obedient, and
finding that her only fault was a complete
absence of cleanliness, I began to wash her
with my own hands.

[Jacques Casanova de Seingalt (trans Arthur Machen) ,The Complete Memoires,1725-1798,locate]
A prince ought to have no other aim or thought,
nor select anything else for his study, than war
and its rules and discipline; for this is the
sole art that belongs to him who rules, and it
is of such force that it not only upholds those
who are born princes, but it often enables men
to rise from a private station to that rank.

[Nicolo Machiavelli (trans W. K. Marriott) ,The Prince,1513,locate]
Deterrence is the art of producing in the mind
of the enemy the fear to attack. And so because
of the automated process which rules out human
meddling, the Doomsday Machine is terrifying,
simple to understand, and completely credible
and convincing.

[Peter George,Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,1963,locate]
Memory of Duncan Idaho's voice flowed through
Paul's awareness: "When your opponent fears
you, then's the moment when you give fear its
own rein, give it the time to work on him. Let
it become terror. The terrified man fights
himself. Eventually, he attacks in desperation.
That is the most dangerous moment, but the
terrified man can be trusted usually to make a
fatal mistake. You are being trained to detect
these mistakes and use them.

[Frank Herbert,Dune,1965,locate]
I lay with my face in the wood shavings and
listened to them panting as they stood over
me, both of them taking great gulps of
breath after their exertions.

[Dick Francis,Whip Hand,1979,locate]