The Snippets Project

November 2001

Yes, the Earth. The birthplace of the
human race, now an old and senile
planet tottering to its doom, a planet
that had outlived its usefulness.

[Clifford D. Simak,Cosmic Engineers,1939]
'A typical Yank bint, gentlemen. More money
than sense and more cheek than either.'

[Robert Conquest and Kingsley Amis,The Egyptologists,1965,locate]
Look at this old woman. The Frenchman who
painted her saw her lying just like that,
but he didn't put down just what he
saw. He built her up, first bone, then
flesh, then clothes, so that now she's not
just a black design against yellow and blue
but a great heavy lump, solid, sculptural,
pressing down the bed so that you can hear
the springs creak. You can smell the old
black woollen jacket and the black serge

[Winston Graham,The Walking Stick,1967,locate]
The gambles were all long term. You cast your
bread on the waters and hoped it would float
back in the future with butter and jam.
Mildew... too bad.

[Dick Francis,Banker,1982,locate]
So she sat, corpse-like, as we played at
cards; the frillings and trimmings on her
bridal dress looking like earthy paper. I
knew nothing then of the discoveries that
are occasionally made of bodies buried in
ancient times, which fall to powder in
the moment of being distinctly seen; but,
I have often thought since, that she must
have looked as if the admission of the
natural light of day would have struck
her to dust.

[Charles Dickens,Great Expectations,1861,locate]
`I just guessed,' I said. `She just seemed the
sort of girl who would be interested in enzymes.'

[Len Deighton,Funeral in Berlin,1964,locate]
"I hear you went into a burning house,
Esteban, and pulled someone out."

"Yes. I didn't get burned or anything.
You know," cried Esteban, leaning
across the table, "you're not allowed
to kill yourself; you know you're not
allowed. Everybody knows that. But if
you jump into a burning house to save
somebody, that wouldn't be killing
yourself. And if you became a matador
and the bull caught you that wouldn't
be killing yourself..."

[Thornton Wilder,The Bridge of San Luis Rey,1927,locate]
There came a little jerk, a noise like
champagne being uncorked in another room,
and a faint whistling sound. For just
one instant, I had a sense of enormous
tension, a transient conviction that my
feet were pressing downward with a force
of countless tons. It lasted for an
infinitesimal time.

[H.G. Wells,The First Men in the Moon,1901,locate]
But the practice of Kama with women of the
lower castes, with women excommunicated from
their own caste, with public women, and with
women twice married, is neither enjoined nor
prohibited. The object of practising Kama
with such women is pleasure only.

[Mallanaga Vatsyayana and (trans Sir Richard Burton and F.F. Arbuthnot) ,The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana,1883,locate]
"I suppose none of you are sitting on a thistle
by any chance?" "I believe I am," said Pooh.
"Ow!" He got up, and looked behind him. "Yes, I
was. I thought so." "Thank you, Pooh. If you've
quite finished with it." He moved across to
Pooh's place, and began to eat. "It doesn't do
them any Good, you know, sitting on them," he
went on, as he looked up munching. "Takes all
the Life out of them. Remember that another
time, all of you. A little Consideration, a little
Thought for Others, makes all the difference."

[A.A. Milne,Winnie-the-Pooh,1926,locate]
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

[John McCrae,In Flanders Fields,1915,locate]
The Earth is menaced. Earth's women--particularly
the young girls--are in deadly danger. Here on
Mercury the young girls of the Light Country,
whom I am vainly trying to aid, have unwittingly
been the cause of the menace threatening the
girls of Earth. And we learned it a few hours
ago. So my message is a warning! I pray it may
reach you in time.

[Ray Cummings,Tama of the Light Country,1930,locate]
Asimov was there, being introduced. He held
out his hand to Anita Loos with a fatuous
smile and said, "I've always wanted to play
cards with you and Howard Fast, Miss Loos,
for then I'd be playing Fast and Loos."

[Isaac Asimov,Murder at the ABA,1976,locate]
"Oh, a backward little dump called Earth,
I don't suppose you've ever heard of it?"

[Brian W. Aldiss,Bow Down to Nul,1960,locate]
I have an instinct against planning far ahead.
I expect it's due to my primitive upbringing
in a land where God and nature tend to show a
pointed disregard for human anticipation.

[Laurens van der Post,Flamingo Feather,1955,locate]
"But if you really wanted to know," said
Anthony casually, with a sudden change of
voice, "I could find out for you without
even bothering to ring up the hall-porter."

[A.A. Milne,The Red House Mystery,1922,locate]
"We are leaving your orbit," Keesa said with
a simplicity that delayed the impact of the
words on Jeb. "To do so it is necessary to
prepare you and your craft to withstand the
speed of light. We must hurry. Please do as
I tell you... That device... will record the
molecular compositions of you and your craft.
Do not make contact with the barrier until
it completes its recording and you are
directed to do so."

[Allen Adler,Terror on Planet Ionus,1957]
When she had her breath back she said, "They
never told me that." Gavving heaved a vast
sigh. "They told me. They were right. Hey,
didn't you hurt?" He pulled away from her, a
little, and looked down. "There's blood. Not
a lot." "It hurt. I'm tough. Gavving, I was
so afraid. I didn't want to die a virgin."
"Me too," he said soberly.

[Larry Niven,The Integral Trees,1983,locate]
It's a lonely spot here. A man might
easily commit a dozen murders, if he
chose his time well.

[Dorothy L. Sayers,Five Red Herrings,1931,locate]
He slipped the quill into his pocket, and looked
again at the scrap of white stuff. "A fragment of
a handkerchief?" he mused. "Perhaps you are right.
But remember this--a good laundry does not starch
a handkerchief
." He nodded at me triumphantly, then
he put away the scrap carefully in his pocket-book.

[Agatha Christie,The Murder of Roger Ackroyd,1926,locate]
"I am Oz, the Great and Terrible," said the
little man, in a trembling voice. "But don't
strike me--please don't--and I'll do anything
you want me to."

[L. Frank Baum,The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,1900,locate]
Until the next morning, she woke up in bed
With a smile on her lips, an ache in her head
And a beard in her earhole that tickled and said:
"Have some Madeira, m'Dear!"

[Michael Flanders and Donald Swann,Madeira M'Dear,1956-59,locate]
So it went, month after month, year after
year; at the foot of Shahryar's bed by night
and in Scheherazade's by day, I learned more
about the arts of making love and telling
stories than I had imagined there was to know.

[John Barth,Chimera,1972,locate]
CHARLIE BROWN: (as catcher)   That makes
the score ninety-three to nothing... I've come
to have another conference with you."
PITCHER:   What do you think we ought to do?
CHARLIE BROWN:   Well the way I see it,
there's not too much to worry about. I've got
a feeling that they won't be hitting 'em so
far any more...
PITCHER:   We're catching on to their
weaknesses, huh?
CHARLIE BROWN:   No, the cover is
about to come off the ball.

[Charles M. Schultz,For the Love of Peanuts,1952-6,locate]
He looks like Christ at the Last Supper. To the
right of him and to the left of him are somberly
dressed analysts in ties and jackets. He is
earnestly leaning toward the microphone, sucking
his pipe, and summing up the earlier portion of
the meeting--which we missed. One bare foot
swings back and forth toward the audience while
its tattered sandal rests under the table.

[Erica Jong,Fear of Flying,1973,locate]
Mrs Constable lay spread-eagled in the churning
water at the foot of the cliff, face up, on one
of the knife-like rocks sprouting from the base.
Her long hair had come loose and trailed in the
water, with her gown and legs. The water was
tinted red around her. She looked for all the
world like a fat oyster which has been dropped
from a height to split itself upon a rock.

[Ellery Queen (Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee) ,The Spanish Cape Mystery,1935,locate]
I can identify at least four categories of reasons
for the ready welcome accorded to [Piltdown Man]
by all the greatest English paleontologists. All
four contravene the usual mythology about scientific
practice--that facts are "hard" and primary and that
scientific understanding increases by patient
collection and sifting of these objective bits of
pure information. Instead, they display science as
a human activity, motivated by hope, cultural
prejudice, and the pursuit of glory, yet stumbling
in its erratic path toward a better understanding
of nature.

[Stephen Jay Gould,The Panda's Thumb: More Reflections in Natural History,1980,locate]
For me the most important thing has always been,
and still is, to penetrate deeply into whatever
I am painting that I manage to discover its
hidden, innermost aspects. Every cloud, every
tree, every landscape and every animal has a
hidden secret that is revealed only to those
who try to paint it.

[Ettore Maiotti,The Paintng the Nude Handbook,1991,locate]
Something in the way she moves...

[George Harrison,Something,1969,locate]
comics (kom'iks)n. plural in form,
used with a singular verb. 1.
Juxtaposed pictorial and other
images in deliberate sequence,
intended to convey information
and/or produce an aesthetic
response in the viewer.

[Scott McCloud,Understanding Comics,1993,locate]